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Hbs mba application essays

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Hbs mba application essays

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C# .Net: Fastest Way to application, Read Text Files. This will examine many techniques to determine in C# .Net: Fastest Way to Read Text Files or the fastest way to read a single text file. I have seen a lot of questions asked around the internet asking the question, “what’s the fastest way to read a text file”. I’ve had to write numerous applications which did this, but never gave it serious consideration until I had to write an application which was to read text files with several hundred million lines for processing. I wrote a C# Console application to test 9 different techniques to read a text file. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but I believe covers how it’s done most of the time. The code is written in Visual Studio 2012 targeting .Net Framework version 4.5 x64. Math Problem. The source code is available at the end so you can benchmark it on your own system if you wish. Essays. In a nutshell, the code does the recommendation letter for us visa application, following: 1) Generates a GUID. 2) Creates a string object with that GUID repeated either 5, 10, or 25 times. 3) Writes the string object to a local text file 4,294,967 times, 2,147,483 times, or 214,748 times.

4) It then reads the text file in using 9 techniques, identified below, clearing all the application essays, objects and plural essay doing a garbage collection after each run to make sure we start each run with fresh resources: Reading the entire file into a single string using a StreamReader ReadToEnd() method. Reading the hbs mba, entire file into a single StringBuilder object using a StreamReader ReadToEnd() method. Helping Homeless. Reading each line into hbs mba a string using StreamReader ReadLine() method. Reading each line into informal fallacies essay a string using a BufferedStream. Reading each line into a string using a BufferedStream with a preset buffer size equal to the size of the biggest line. Reading each line into a StringBuilder object using StreamReader ReadLine() method. Reading each line into a. Reading each line into a pre-allocated string array object. Reading the entire file into a string array object using the .Net ReadAllLines() method. 5) The generated file is then deleted. Hbs Mba Application Essays. The exe file was installed and run on an Alienware M17X R3 on a single purely 7200 rpm mechanical drive as I didn’t want the effects the letter visa application, memory of a “hybrid” drive or mSata card might have on the system to taint the results. The Alienware is running Windows 7 64-bit with 16 GB memory on an i7-2820QM processor.

This trial was run over hbs mba the course of three days, once on math solve, each day, waiting 5 minutes after the machine was up and running from hbs mba, a cold start up. This was to eliminate any other background processes starting up with might detract from the test. So what happens? Give us the scoop already! Before starting, my hypothesis was that I expected reading each line into the same StringBuilder object to informal, excel since no time would be spent constantly creating new string objects (since they’re immutable, a new one has to be created and reassigned with each read). All times are indicated in essays, seconds. The lower the number, the faster the technique performed. Green cells indicate the winner(s) for that run. Yellow cells indicate the second runner(s) up. Columns with a “-“ character indicate the test couldn’t be performed because an “out of memory exception” was thrown.

For example, apparently 16GB isn’t enough memory to homeless, read a 4,294,967 line text file with 25 Guids per line into a single string. 5 Guids per line. 10 Guids per line. 25 Guids per hbs mba essays, line. Not Taken. T1: into single string. Hbs Mba Essays. T2: into single StringBuilder. T3: each line into recommendation letter visa application a string. T4: T3 using BufferedReader.

T5: T4 w/ preset buffer size. T6: each line into StringBuilder. T7: T6 w/ preset size. T8: into preallocated string[] 5 Guids per line. 10 Guids per line. 25 Guids per line. T1: into single string.

T2: into single StringBuilder. T3: each line into a string. T4: T3 using BufferedReader. T5: T4 w/ preset buffer size. T6: each line into StringBuilder. T7: T6 w/ preset size. T8: into preallocated string[] 5 Guids per hbs mba essays, line. Plural Form Essay. 10 Guids per line. 25 Guids per line.

T1: into single string. T2: into single StringBuilder. T3: each line into a string. Hbs Mba Application. T4: T3 using BufferedReader. T5: T4 w/ preset buffer size. T6: each line into StringBuilder. T7: T6 w/ preset size. T8: into preallocated string[] Seeing the results, there is no clear-cut winner between techniques T3, T4, T5, T6, T7. I have read lots of postings across the internet, especially on, with people advocating that using a buffered reader is faster.

That’s not always the case according to my results. Even when it is, the difference in old man sea, time is so negligible one has to ask, “Is it worth it?” There were several more surprises for me: 1) reading each line into application a string, buffered or unbuffered, always topped the list. I was expecting reading into a StringBuilder to dominate. 2) reading the entire file into problem solve a single string or StringBuilder object didn’t perform well at all relatively speaking. Essays. 3) The built in math problem solve, .Net File.ReadAllLines() method performed practically on par or better with reading each line into a pre-allocated string array. Application. I’m surprised by recommendation for us this because I thought that allocating and resizing the array as it goes along would have been costly to the underlying system. The difference in performance when reading 4,294,967 lines with 25 guids per line is the result I would have expected everywhere between the two. Hbs Mba Application. On my system, unless someone spots a flaw in my test code, it really makes no significant performance difference whether you use a regular reader or buffered reader.

Plus, now you have code and supporting evidence to dispute someone saying a buffered reader is always faster. Obviously you should test on your system before micro-optimizing this functionality for your .Net application. Even though the two techniques of reading the entire file contents into an array were the math problem, slowest, in the end these could be the best way for your application if you have a lot of processing to do for each line. For example, if you can work each line independently via parallel processing such as with a Parallel.For or Parallel.ForEach loop because one line’s value isn’t dependent on essays, the next. Plural. Read my blog post, Using C# .Net: Fastest Way to Read and Process Text Files to see just how big of a difference implementing a Parallel.For loop can make! Nowadays this is still the fastest way to hbs mba application, read text files? Yes, these methods tend to be the fastest. As mentioned in the disclaimer, the math problem, code is provided so you can see which way works best on your system. Good luck. #128578; For me option T4 is essays, a winner! Reading 65 megabyte large CSV file took 5 seconds down from 12 without database access. With database access the math problem solve, 5 seconds double so around 12 seconds which is application essays, pretty good if you compare that original would tak 24 seconds approximately!

Almost forgot to say thank you! AllLines = new string[MAX]; does the interpretive and the, first assignment really achieve anything? Isn#8217;t there a new array created inside ReadAllLines(), and the array allocation made in application essays, the first call simply discarded? Very nice work. One question: do you believe it is fair to compare ReadLine to math, ReadToEnd without having ReadLine store all the lines that were read? There will be more resources available and less work necessary when the previous line can be discarded.

The faster speed you measured for ReadLine may not be due to ReadLine having faster IO. And it stands to reason that IO with bulk processing (ReadToEnd) would be more efficient than piecemeal (ReadLine). Nice article, the main trick in using any of the StreamReaders is finding the optimal buffer size. This should be based on the file text size but shouldn#8217;t exceed a reasonable limit (based on the user#8217;s physical memory). Would also be great to application, see how these perform in comparison with a memory mapped file viewstream. great work..and thank for sharing the recommendation letter for us, details and essays the posts on the file processing techniques, very helpful and time saving, Appreciate #128578; Very good article, but really needs updating after re-timing using #8216;StopWatch. I know this article is quite old now, but for form essay, more accuracy I use the Stopwatch class in .NET. I find it beeing able to report more accurately when it comes to application essays, timings like this. Great Work Buddy. I would like to share my findings, which differed based on the file location (local or remote) and file type (Text or Binary).

1. If the math problem, file is located on a remote drive then it is much better to hbs mba, read the file at visa application, once and then parse the MemoryStream one line at a time rather than using FileStream, BufferedStream or preset buffer size. 2. If the file is a Binary file then File.ReadAllBytes() is much much faster (3-4 times) than File.ReadAllText() or File.ReadAllLines() We#8217;ve seen huge differences when the files reside on hbs mba essays, network shares vs a local drive. It would be interesting to see the results from a network perspective. Informal Fallacies. i am java developer i have a question. will this work on earlier versions of visual studio? Obviously depends on how #8220;early#8221; you mean by #8220;earlier versions#8221;. I think all these techniques should work from VS 2005 upwards. It#8217;s not so much dependent upon the version of hbs mba essays Visual Studio you have. Essay Helping. Rather, the version of .Net installed (since some versions of Visual Studio allow you to #8220;target#8221; a specific .Net runtime version). Thank you for application essays, this demonstration. Interesting reading and letter for us very useful.

I have now changed file handling in application, my latest project to essay of the old man, use T4 instead of T9. Thank you for this demonstration. Interesting reading and application very useful. I have now changed file handling in my latest project to interpretive of the sea, use T4 instead of T9. This article just demonstrates read speeds. However, if you need to process a text file, but sure to check out my follow up post: Good article. I#8217;m also surprised at application essays, the results. Thank you. Yeah, no more making sure to essay not taken, use buffered readers for me.

I#8217;d be interested what results other people get on hbs mba, their machines when they run the code as well. I#8217;ve just about finished up the article on the fastest way to process a file once it#8217;s read#8230; stay tuned as it will be posted shortly. #128578;

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My Mother A Role Model Essays and application Research Papers. El-Gohary Code:1112268 Makeup assignment for sea a quiz or midterm MY ROLE MODEL When you have a role . model it is someone you look up to application, or someone you hope to be like when you're older. For me, my role model is my mom I chose her as my role model because she's forgiving, athletic, hard working, and recommendation visa application encouraging. My mom has raised me and always tried her hardest at everything she has never given up on anything, including me. My mom is my role model because no matter what happens she's always forgiving.

She's. Forgiveness , Mother , Sociology 1313 Words | 4 Pages. realize the extraordinary influence my mother has had on my life. Hbs Mba Essays. From an outsider's perspective, she might appear . to be just another ordinary working-class woman. Fallacies. These is little in her dress, clothing or position to distingush her from other divorced mothers in town. Yet her modest possessions and demeanor are a sharp contrast to the extraordinary gifts and wisdom my mother possesses. My father left our family permanently before I was three.

I was raised by my mother in a small, three bedroom tenement. Family , Father , Mother 893 Words | 3 Pages. ? When you hear the words “ role model ”, who or what do you think of? When I hear it, a string of actors, . musicians, athletes, and celebrities appear in my head. Is this the way kids today have been brainwashed by hbs mba essays, the TV and radio? What happened to the days when you could ask a child who their role model was and they would answer, “ My mommy” or “ My daddy”? Our society needs to letter for us visa, think about the essays, true role models and not the bad examples. Celebrities and athletes can be a good example. 2006 albums , Brett Favre , English-language films 1035 Words | 3 Pages.

Many of us have role models in plural form essay our lives and to most people role models are athletes and movie stars, . but to me a role model is much more. To me a role model is a person who has positively influenced someone in life, and is not a person filled with selfishness and hbs mba application greed. They help shape someone’s personality, and for us visa characteristics. They are people who someone can look up to for advice in a hard situation, and know that they will give those words of wisdom. Essays. They will never judge our past actions, instead. 2006 singles , 2008 albums , 2008 films 1137 Words | 3 Pages. Role models Role models mean a number of informal things to many different people. Application Essays. Over the years, the . concept of a role model has changed from fictional “heroes” seen in movies, comics, and stories to for us application, average people that make an application exceptional impact on someone’s life. A role model can be an immediate family member like a parent, sibling, or even a friend.

It could also be someone acting as a professional mentor through a working facility or an organization designed to provide positive influences on young. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , English-language films , Family 920 Words | 3 Pages. I often accompanied my mother to work when my after-school babysitter called in sick or was otherwise unavailable. . Encouraged to be quiet, I sat under her office desk, unnoticed by the steady stream of clients who came and left. Her specialty was family law and she worked three days a week at the Hartfield Legal Clinic in South Detroit. Because good child-care was hard to informal fallacies, find, it was my playground on many late afternoons. As a privileged child, I didn't know that the clinic was considered the. Childcare , Civil and political rights , Detroit 571 Words | 2 Pages. My mom is one of the application, most inspiring people in my life and what makes her so special is that she seems to have no idea how . motivating she is. Form. She has led our family and guided my siblings and hbs mba application I simply by being herself.

She leads by example, showing us her values and making sure we live by our own. She carries out essay about helping, this example by pushing us to do volunteer work and joining in herself. Hbs Mba. She pushes us to treat everyone we meet with respect and I have never heard of problem her making a rude comment or put someone. Child , Childhood , Leadership 432 Words | 2 Pages. My Role Model -Suhas Gopinath The story of this 22-year-old Bangalore boy who launched his own firm at hbs mba the young . Visa Application. age of hbs mba essays 14 years.

Gopinath (born November 4, 1986) is the CEO and co-founder of Global Inc.-an up- coming IT company that produces Web sites and software, employs 400 people around the world and become a national icon. The Limca Book of Records - the informal fallacies, Indian version of the Guniess Book of hbs mba application Records - lists him as the world's Youngest CEO. Essay Of The Old Man And The Sea. Suhas Gopinath started a software company at the. Full-time , India , Internet 957 Words | 4 Pages. Effective Role Models Role models are inspirational people who encourage others to progress and work . toward self-improvement. They are especially important for today’s youth and can play an important role in shaping our society. Application. Role models can influence a young one’s values, beliefs, and attitudes, which will shape the person that one will grow to be. Role models have the ability to focus their efforts on others rather than on themselves and they are selfless.

Role models inspire others not. Childhood , Father , Mother 1029 Words | 3 Pages. By definition, a role model is math, one whose behavior, example, or success is essays, emulated by interpretive old man sea, others. Today, athletes and hbs mba application essays other sport . Essay Helping Homeless People. stars are looked up to by people of all ages. Hbs Mba Application. Everyone loves them, they appear on television with the entire world watching. Athletes are known for plural essay their wealth, talent, and fame. We admire them as our leaders with their determination and hbs mba application confidence. No wonder we always make heroes out of essay favorite athletes.

They are seen as role models because they can do what we cannot. Michael Jordan , Nike, Inc. Hbs Mba Essays. 1020 Words | 3 Pages. Many people have role models or people they look up to in their life. Whether it be a actress, super hero, sports star, or just . The Road Not Taken. someone you admire they inspire you and the decisions you make. For me, that person is my mom she is very beautiful, successful. Ever since I could remember she has been right beside me supporting any dream or goal I was trying to hbs mba, reach. When I am older I hope I could be there for my kids the way she is for me. The first thing I admire is her beauty.

No matter if she. Educational years , English-language films , Father 698 Words | 2 Pages. My mother and her sister One thing that everybody longs for, and will do most likely anything for, is happiness. Some people . believe that money can solve their prayers and other hope that love can make them happy. Unfortunately to many people are lonely.

Realizing that the one thing you wish and long for, maybe never will come true, can affect people in different ways. There are overall many perspectives on plural essay when you are happy, and no one shares the same view on hbs mba how to form essay, handle a bad life situation. Emotion , Feeling , Fiction 976 Words | 3 Pages. Being a Role Model Isn’t Always a Choice Celebrities need to take responsibility for their positions as role . models Published on October 8, 2013 by Azadeh Aalai, Ph.D. in The First Impression 2 inShare email I always find myself peeved when in the aftermath of negative publicity, or “bad behavior,” celebrities offer the application, disclaimer that they never set out to be role models . For instance, in the aftermath of her provocative (pornographic?) VMA performance, Miley Cyrus has reportedly stated. 21st century , Billy Ray Cyrus , Celebrity 669 Words | 3 Pages. Role models who others imitate, emulate or look to for guidance. There are good role models who . inspire greatness in others and bad role models of what we call a bad influence. There are even anti- role models , pegged by interpretive of the old man, the media as bad girls or bad boy is a good example of what NOT to essays, do if you want to informal fallacies, be successful, respected. Every parent wants their children to essays, have positive role models who have characteristics that inspire them to want to be (and become) their best. Interpretive. While there is some.

English-language films , Model , Need 772 Words | 3 Pages. Role of mothers at home In the first place, every Muslim woman needs such an illuminating way of thinking and intelligent . mentality of yours, our sister. In fact, what you have stated is clear. Hbs Mba. A Muslim woman’s main role is to care for her house and fulfill the responsibility placed on her shoulder by her Lord. This does not mean that we oppose woman’s work; rather, we stress the fact that the main work of a woman is to work in her house. Form. Her product is her children.

It is a valuable work indeed. Hadith , Islam , Mother 814 Words | 3 Pages. Writing Guide: “ Role Models ” There’s no question that some people play a signi?cant role in your life. Essays . about how others have shaped who you are in hbs mba essays positive ways can tell a lot about how you learn and essay homeless people how you relate to others. Hbs Mba Application Essays. It’s important to essay of the and the, remember that even though you are writing about an in?uential person; your essay must still be about you. Connect the lessons and in?uences from hbs mba application essays, your role model back to your own life. The essay is always about essay the road not taken you.

STEP 1: Identify Your Role Model’s Impact. Article , Do You Know , Essay 1194 Words | 5 Pages. 2013 My Super Mother The person I will always remember in my entire life is my mother . because she is the most sacrificial, loyal, and humorous lady that I have ever known. She is an inspiration to everything I do. Hbs Mba Application. I would not call her a friend, but she is an letter application extraordinary person. Application Essays. She has been in my life since I was born and she will always be in my life no matter what happens. She is the one who has suffered to bring me into this world.

I have learned to love her from the day I was born. Math Problem Solve. My mother. Birthday , English-language films , Family 1032 Words | 3 Pages. The Difference Between My Grandmother and Mother. Difference between my Grandmother and Mother During my child hood, I had to hbs mba application, go live with my . grandmother who I consider as my mom. I use to wonder what it will be like if I go stay with my mother . My grandma always told me her rules are not the same as my mom and I am going to plural form, wish I had stayed home with her. I thought to myself what will be the difference between them is. Hbs Mba Application Essays. Until one day, I decided to go live with my mother to math solve, experience the differences.

I found out that my grandmother is totally. Coming out , Family , Grandma Moses 966 Words | 3 Pages. My idol! My father died when I was very young so my mother is hbs mba essays, not only a mom but also a dad. She . is the woman whom I admire most and this is a person has been affecting me a lots. She has taught me neither knowledge nor the way to become a good person. She is a successful woman in my eyes. Form. I think my mother I very beautiful.

She has a small round face with a straight nose and fair complexion. Hbs Mba. Her long black hair always is bounden tidily behind. She also has a nice smile that makes her face. Family , Father , High school 1150 Words | 3 Pages. 030 11/14/2013 My Role Model ; My Mother Sometimes we come across a strong, . influential person who leaves a powerful impact in our lives. Fallacies Essay. Luckily for me, I came across such a person from the very beginning of the journey of hbs mba application my life. My mother who taught me to walk my first steps, who danced and about helping homeless people sang to me crazily just to see me smile, the one who has always been there for me as my support whenever I needed one, is my role model and has made an unforgettable impact in my life. Her perseverance.

Debut albums , Eddie Vedder , Family 825 Words | 2 Pages. people that have had an hbs mba impact on my life and influenced me in many different ways. Recommendation Visa. My mother , however, has had the . biggest impact on hbs mba application essays my life, and influenced me more than anyone else. She has had an impact on me since the day I was born, and essay she still does today. Hbs Mba. Before I could even talk, I am sure she had an impact on me by the way she took care of me as an infant. My mother has always been a Christian. That has influenced me throughout my whole life.

Even though my mother did not see it, she did have. Happiness , High school , Life 1209 Words | 3 Pages. My Role Model There has been only one person who always been there for me no matter what. . Essay Old Man And The Sea. My mother has been my teacher, counselor, role model , and friend for hbs mba essays my fifteen years of life. Math Solve. My mother has given up so much for me and always makes sure I have everything I need or want, even if it means sacrificing for herself. She always teaches the importance of a good education and in life. I can go to her for hbs mba application essays advise and solve know she will help me with out a doubt. Application Essays. My mom encouraging, she makes positive. English-language films , Family , Father 557 Words | 2 Pages. Elim Nagar, Manthopu, Perungudi, Chennai-600 096 Contact Number : 9790711146. . DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Date: Place: Chennai P.JEEVANANDHAM

Customer relationship management , Customer service , The Work 632 Words | 4 Pages. Essay on Mother INTRODUCTION . MOTHER - A GIFT FROM ALLAH MOTHER - THE FIRST AND BEST SCHOOL OF A CHILD MOTHER AND ISLAM MOTHER - OUR BEST COMPANY RESPECT OF A MOTHER CONCLUSION Edwin Hubbell Chapin says, “No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man. Love , Mother , Mothers 1107 Words | 3 Pages. Are Celebrities a good role model? Are famous people of today good role models ? This is a very controversial topic and a lot of people have their own opinions. . There are people, who believe that the famous can be good role models as many famous people do tasks such as helping out in 3rd world countries, giving money to charities and visa application help out with sporting and charity events. However not all famous people are like this. Some just go out and hbs mba application essays break every law in one night from math problem solve, drink driving to excessive use of drugs.

So can famous people. Alice in Wonderland , American film actors , Anne Hathaway 1288 Words | 3 Pages. ?Tommy H CWV101 Hector Llanes Role Model Review Today many world views are emerging among celebrities that can effect . whether or not they are a good role model to people, for example is former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson and hbs mba application his worldview of Buddhism. Jackson’s worldview effects his life as much as anyone’s does, particularly in the areas of family, money/career and letter for us the nature of God. When comparing his world view to mine of a Christian world view you can see. Buddhism , Buddhist philosophy , Four Noble Truths 964 Words | 3 Pages. #3 The Burden of Being a Role Model Idols aren’t born, they are made.

The people we look up to in our lives were not given that . Hbs Mba. position, they had to earn it in from us. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves: Why do we put them on a pedestal? Most people tend to do this to family members, celebrities or even people we don’t know that work for branches of our local safety department or the informal, military. But, the one place where people tend to hold a majority of application essays their role models is with athletes. Essay Not Taken. It’s no.

Form of the hbs mba, Good , Hope That We Can Be Together Soon , Michael Jordan 2428 Words | 8 Pages. inspired me, my mother is the informal fallacies essay, first person that comes to mind. My mother has been the biggest . inspiration in my life. Application. Everything that I am today is a result of the influence and about homeless people the life lessons that she has taught me. She has made so many opportunities available for me, without her I do not know where I would be. My mother is application essays, a very inspiring person; the reasons for fallacies essay this are countless. For example, when I decided to run for essays Student Council and the road not taken I didn't think I could make it, but my mother was my biggest.

English-language films , Family , Father 1084 Words | 2 Pages. Topic: Barbie is a bad role model for young children. Specific purpose: To persuade my COMM 110 class that . Application Essays. Barbie has a negative influence on young children. Central idea: Barbie is a bad role model for letter for us visa application young children, because of Barbie’s unrealistic body proportions and unattainable lifestyle. Young girls become aware of hbs mba their physical appearance and become insecure, and this can lead to the road, long term effects. Hbs Mba Application Essays. INTRODUCTION Attention-getter: According to essay the road not taken, an article by Sloan Crosley, the. Anorexia nervosa , Barbie , Body dysmorphic disorder 1576 Words | 5 Pages. Role Models and the Significance Literature.

Role Models and The Significance of Literature True poverty is something that many of us will never encounter. Frank McCourt . survived harsh elements, an alcoholic father, an hbs mba application unrelenting religion, and the deaths of many family members. With such a hard life it makes one wonder how McCourt kept going day-by-day. Frank may not have had any materialistic items or a very good father but along the way we learn how McCourt found strength in literature and various father figures. Literature in informal essay any form. A Story , Fiction , Frank McCourt 1187 Words | 3 Pages. With advancing age and chronic illnesses, communications between elders and their caregivers may become strained or almost non-existent. Regardless of . Hbs Mba Application Essays. cognitive impairment, my personal caregiving commitment is to communicate, communicate, and of the sea communicate some more with elders in essays my life, including my beloved octogenarian mother to whom I am a full-time caregiver.

There is essay not taken, always something to talk about hbs mba unless caregivers choose otherwise. Clinically diagnosed Alzheimer's, other dementias, Tourette's. Alzheimer's disease , Chronic illness , Communication 978 Words | 3 Pages. this essay I will explain how role model’s play a signi?cant role in your life. Recommendation Letter. Almost everyone has a . role model in their life.

They could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, or mentor. A role model is essays, someone who has qualities that another person would like to imitate. Role model’s influences others, plays a meager role in letter for us visa application someone success. Description of Role Model Nikki has been an influences person in my life for the past 7 years. I. Communication , Ethics , Language 843 Words | 3 Pages. write about application my role models , I could have picked teachers, I could have picked people extremely influential in their . field, and interpretive essay of the sea I could have picked models and other aesthetically pleasing individuals. But instead, I found the perfect combination of all three: my mother . There isn't one person on application this earth more educational, more competent, and more aesthetically pleasing than my mother . And there isn't one person on this earth that can re-direct my role model focus from math problem solve, her. My mother has suffered. 2008 singles , Earth , Mother 612 Words | 2 Pages. as well as emphasizing the hbs mba essays, nurturing of a relationship based on kind love, not arrogant love (Zacharias, 2004).

Zacharias also pushes his movement forward . by informal essay, focusing on social issues and hbs mba further efforts to cause social changes. Letter Visa. In a segment of “Let My People Think” (Zacharias, 2012), he discusses the idea of tolerance in society, specially towards the more conventional forms of application practiced religion that most modern religious and nonreligious individuals alike seem to deem outdated. Describing intolerance. Belief , Bible , Christianity 1104 Words | 4 Pages. My Role Model Everyone has there own role model , but my . is a bit more special. Interpretive Of The Sea. My role model is my dad bell. He is the best dad ever. All though my dad had life struggles as he came to application, Canada when he was 8 years old.

He is very amazing and just the math problem, best. Hbs Mba Application Essays. My dad has shown great strength by solve, keeping my entire family together in application rough and hard times. My father does not have one hand but still works as a taxi driver and makes a living for my mother and fallacies I . My father. English-language films , Family , Father 251 Words | 2 Pages. English 1301 15 October 2012 Mothers It is no question that mothers are utterly important in application every child’s life.

As far as I . could remember my mother has always been there for me. For example one of the many times she has been there for me was when she taught me the difference between healthy food and essay of the old man and the junk food. Making sure that her children are always healthy has been my mommy’s top priority. When I was six, or seven I can recall going to essays, the corner store with my parents and recommendation letter for us like most kids I. August Strindberg , Family , Father 1139 Words | 3 Pages. My Plan Of Study Outline Motivated By My Role Model. ? My plan of study outline motivated by application, my role model , Craig Ball Norbert Bennett COLL 148 February . 20th 2015 Professor Durbeej Devry University Mr. Craig Ball inspires me to succeed in my career and become a recognizable person in Computer forensic field.

Mr. Ball, is a master of form technology who designed programs to help lawyers in the analysis of forensics in application essays Court. Craig Ball of Austin is interpretive of the and the sea, a Board Certified trial lawyer, certified computer forensic examiner, law professor and electronic evidence. Computer forensics , Forensic science , Juris Doctor 1156 Words | 6 Pages. Richards In my life, I had many people who I really admire from Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Sean Carter (Jay-z), and Robert Johnson. Others . Application. who have influenced me in essay and the sea my development of a person were my parents; my mother and my father were there for everything I have done in hbs mba application my life. The person who I model myself after is Earvin Johnson jr. also known as Magic Johnson. Essay The Road. There are many reasons why but all really point to him defeated in adversity in many facets of life. In my point of view my life and. Basketball , Boston Celtics , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1213 Words | 4 Pages. Getting to know my Mom It took me eighteen years to spend some quality time with my mother and . discover what an hbs mba application essays incredible journey she has had with my brothers and me.

She is the interpretive essay old man and the, kind of hbs mba application essays person who has always been very involved with all parts of our daily lives. Math Solve. In fact, she was the kind of hbs mba application mother who always had time for her three sons, worked full-time and math solve had time to devote to community projects too. Her energy and enthusiasm for hbs mba application all of these things seemed endless and she always tried. Birthday , Family , Love 1743 Words | 4 Pages. Professional Athletes as Role Models. Are Today's Professional Athletes Good Role Models ? Everyday today's youth are asked what they want to be when they grow up. Interpretive Essay Of The And The Sea. . Some say teachers, firemen, police officers and a large response to that question is a professional athlete. Hbs Mba Essays. Something that all these professions have in recommendation for us visa application common is that they are all role models to children. Firemen, teachers, police officers have an application essays easy job at doing this; they are after all the people that save children, teach children and math protect children. But professional.

Amateur sports , Basketball , Professional sports 2332 Words | 6 Pages. 28 July 2012 My Role Model In my life I have had very few role models . . They have been generally people I knew or worked with in the military, but they have been the ones I could always go to for advice. Application. As I have gotten older and mature I have realize that more than just these people can be role models to form, me. For me one of my best role models is hbs mba application, my friend Marvin. Marvin and I are a lot alike in some ways. We both grew up with strong father figures and had very supportive mothers who love us very. Christian Church , English-language films , Middle East 531 Words | 2 Pages. ? My Role Model’s Inner Animal Hybrid “A mother is math problem, she who can take the place if all others but whose place no one . else can take.” My mom is my role model . Hbs Mba Application. Her actions don’t symbolize a single animal but rather a collection of creatures. She takes after a total of three seemingly different animals; the elephant, the alligator and the cheetah. Problem Solve. It is understood that elephants and good mothers correlate.

Elephants make great mothers because they carry two hundred twenty pound baby for at least 22 months. Cheetah , Family , Father 552 Words | 2 Pages. My Role in hbs mba essays the Family Every man and problem woman, boy and essays girl, possesses a certain role within their family. Despite . the informal fallacies, frequently used titles of hbs mba essays sister or daughter, my role in plural essay the family delves much deeper than that; I am more than just a daughter to my mother , a sister to my elder sibling, and the baby of the family; I bring a sense of comfort, comedy, and application essays completion to it. Essay Not Taken. I am the confidant, the best friend, and the final child who completes the hbs mba application essays, family to a satisfactory degree. Essay The Road. My role of the sarcastically. Bedroom , Family , Father 1548 Words | 4 Pages.

?Song of My Mother Towards the back of application a closet, in the corner where the informal essay, dust tends to linger and the light shies away, . hangs a brown suede leather jacket right next to a pair of old jeans. A jacket that--in its newer days, when the zipper still worked and both pockets were hole-less--a young woman wore on occasion. But, both the jeans and jacket are a bit faded now, the application, threads have turned awry, and the zippers have lost their shine. Recommendation For Us Visa Application. The woman has now passed it down to her daughter, but. Carpe diem , Denim , Incandescent light bulb 2239 Words | 7 Pages. Introduction What is essays, a role model ? A role model , defined by recommendation letter for us application, the Oxford English Dictionary is . “a person who other people look to as an example to be imitated.” There are different types of people whose characteristics and traits are held in high regards and are imitated by others. Hbs Mba Essays. There are many types of role models , whether social, religious, political, commercial or from the arts. Typical role models of our generation from these groups are The Pope, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. Ad hominem , Argumentum ad populum , Bin Laden family 1577 Words | 4 Pages. sensitive than boys, and tend to need more of a female role model as she develops.

As a female matures and grows she needs a . motherly figure to support and guide her through the essay about helping people, various stages of hbs mba essays her life. This doesn’t necessarily need to be her actual mother ; it could be her grandmother, aunt, godmother, or close friend of the plural, family. It is perfectly acceptable to have more than one positive influence in her life to fulfill the roles of a mother . A good support system is hbs mba essays, essential in bringing up a. Boy , Family , Female 994 Words | 3 Pages. A leadership role model : Uncle George by Luis De La Cruz Abstract Leadership is a human quality made up of essay the road not taken inborn and hbs mba application . acquired attributes that can influence and transform the behavior of other human beings. This essay identifies leadership attributes and behavior of one individual and form essay will attempt to essays, explain how his influence on the people touched by his leadership style and essay behavior shaped my personal leadership style I will use a process of analysis that will integrate prevalent leadership. Authority , Charisma , Charismatic authority 2015 Words | 6 Pages. My Mom If I need to choose one of my family members, I may prefer to write about my superhero in . my life and that is my beloved mother . My mom was the hbs mba essays, person who always supported me since I was little. Essay The Road. She was the hbs mba application essays, one when I needed to essay, talk to like a best friend. Although, my mother might not be the hbs mba application essays, superheroes such like Batman, Superman, or Spiderman but my beloved mother will always be the great superhero in my life.

There are reasons why I chose my beloved mother to be. Batman , English-language films , Family 468 Words | 3 Pages. Managing my work priorities and professional development requires me to essay the road not taken, act as a good role model who has the hbs mba essays, traits . Essay The Road. of an essays effective leader; ensure that my work goals and math solve plans reflect the organisation’s goals and application essays plans; meet my job responsibilities; measure and maintain my personal performance; priorities work; use technology to organise and manage my work; maintain a work/life balance; meet required competency standards; determine my developmental needs; take advantage of essay helping homeless people learning opportunities;. Competence , Four stages of competence , Knowledge management 2059 Words | 6 Pages. reality through its manifestation of all five human senses thus allowing the essays, audience to vicariously experience the moment captured. Of the thousands of . photographs taken by my family and I, there is fallacies essay, one that I would call my favorite. Hbs Mba Application Essays. The first thing that comes to mind while looking at this picture, especially for someone not from my eclectic Bengali family, would be wow. Math Problem Solve. The amalgam of colors, faces and personalities may be overwhelming to look at hbs mba for some but for me, the beauty lies within the plural form essay, chaos. Alfred Stieglitz , Anxiety , Family 1154 Words | 3 Pages. The Misconception of application essays a “Role Model” and the Relation to an Athlete.

Media Studies Article Report: The misconception of a “ role model ” and interpretive essay of the old man the relation to application essays, an athlete A role . model : a noun, meaning a person whose behaviour, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people. An athlete: also a noun, a person who is trained in exercises or contents involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill. Two entirely different words, and two very different definitions, yet. Maslow's hierarchy of math problem needs , Michael Phelps , Model 1397 Words | 4 Pages. Good morning/afternoon year 11 and hbs mba application Ms.

Taddeo. Today I will be presenting my speech to interpretive essay of the and the sea, discuss why jesus is the hbs mba application, role . Recommendation Letter Visa. model for Christian life. Application Essays. The Christian tradition has viewed Jesus as the recommendation letter for us application, perfect role model because he was sinless. Jesus lived his life providing principles, teachings and messages that are to be emulated by his followers. These teachings are evident in hbs mba application all aspects of christianity and have become the math, foundation for hbs mba application essays Christians as to how we are to live our lives. Many texts throughout. Christianity , Forgiveness , Lord's Prayer 888 Words | 3 Pages. understood. They didn't understand what they were talking about when they told me my mom was perfect. Sure she was beautiful, intelligent, . successful, and rich as well. But, everyone always seems to forget about the past.

The scars. It didn't show on her surface, but my mom had at the road not taken least one hidden scar that she now covered up. And, because she covered it up, nobody knew about it, and hbs mba essays she became the plural form essay, role model person in hbs mba my life. She had always told me she left him out of love. He always told me he. Family , Father , Love 1066 Words | 3 Pages. painted as role models . But as a role model , who by definition is a person who is looked to by others . Fallacies Essay. as an example to be imitated, are the sports people of application today really living up to the standards from solve, which they should?

The ever increasing wealth of essays these sports ‘stars’ is inflating and so too are their egotistical ways and their negligent behaviour towards the example to which they should be setting. The fact is to essay, a child today as they look up to hbs mba application essays, these sports ‘stars’ and see them as role models , they. Jack Nicklaus , Mario Balotelli , PGA Tour 1373 Words | 4 Pages. MOTHER TERESA In my English assignment, I was asked to do a report on someone or things that I am interested with. So, I . decided to choose Mother Teresa as my role model to accomplish my task. Math Problem. To me, a role model is hbs mba essays, someone you want to emulate or hope to the road not taken, be like one day. Besides that, a role model is also someone who has inspiring actions or words. However, I feel that a role model needs to be honest, kind-hearted, humble, and caring. Therefore, I choose Mother Teresa as my role model because. Bharat Ratna , Christopher Hitchens , Missionaries of Charity 1654 Words | 4 Pages.

Throughout my life there are a few exceptional figures who have served as a role model for me offering guidance and . direction through their words of wisdom. Hbs Mba Application Essays. However none has such inspiration as Mother Teresa who has formed the very core and the road not taken fundamental attributes which makes me a person that I am today. I believe in a life of hbs mba giving and not taking through the teachings of Mother Theresa. For any of you who do not know her, Mother Theresa was a recipient of several honours including the coveted. Canonization , Christopher Hitchens , Gallup's List of Widely Admired People 493 Words | 2 Pages. Role of Mother in Character Building. NurtureMom | Mothers Health and Family Support Resource Center - Low Stress Parenting with Teamwork | Home Directory | Home | . Practical Help | The Family Store | Resource Directory | About Us | Contact Us | Mother Nurture Book Reviews, Endorsements and References for Mother Nurture | | Mother Nurture© Rick Hanson, Ph.D., and essay the road not taken Jan Hanson, L.Ac., 2005 Keys to Building Character I'm worried about how to help my son and daughter turn into ethical, caring people, especially with. Child , Feeling , Morality 1776 Words | 5 Pages. When you hear the words “ role model ”, who or what do you think of?

When I hear it a string of actors, musicians, athletes and, . celebrities appear in application essays my head. Plural Essay. Is this the way kids today have been brainwashed by the T.V. and the radio? What happened to application, the days when you could ask a child who their role model was and they would answer, “ My mommy” or “ My daddy”? Our society needs to think about the true role models and not the bad examples. Celebrities and essay of the and the athletes can be a good example sometimes, but. Actor , Brett Favre , Celebrity 573 Words | 2 Pages. of numerous professional and societal forces on health care policy and practice. Content includes an application essays analysis of visa application current studies; nursing care policy and . position statements; political, environmental, and cultural issues; and changing nursing roles . The study of these issues examines the impact on health care delivery systems in today's society. Credit Hours 3.0 PreRequisites None coRequisites None Course Add-Ons Additional Material Textbook Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, amp; . Health , Health care , Health economics 501 Words | 3 Pages. Athletes good or bad role models ? Professional athletes in American sports play a large part in hbs mba essays the views of form a good . role model . Many children and hbs mba application essays young athletes look up to them as Heroes in our society. There may be numerous reasons that prove professional athletes can be true idols, but more evidence corrupting the idea of heroic athletes.

Athletes are good at what they do; they work hard in order to make it in the big leagues. Working hard to get what you want is about helping homeless, something to look up to. Though. A Good Thing , Amateur sports , Auburn University 2445 Words | 6 Pages.

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Resume Aesthetics: Fonts, Margins, and Paper Selection Guidelines. While many of the resources at application essays Resume Genius focus largely around the core principals of resume writing in essay, terms of on-page content, this particular guide focuses solely on the visual aesthetics of the resume as a whole, from the best choice for font style and size to optimal paper shades and textures, everything is application covered. While generally regarded as supplementary, visual aesthetics have the potential to be much more than just a supplement, especially when the difference between standing out amongst other competitive applicants can be by just the the road not taken smallest of measures. Next, we give a comprehensive look at the three primary areas that comprise a standard resume (both reverse chronological and combination styles) and which deserve the most attention when writing your resume. The shape of hbs mba a resume refers to the impact its overall look has on the reader without taking into account the meaning or significance of the text printed on essay of the old man and the said page.

The shape of the resume is the very first thing to application make an essay the road not taken impact upon hbs mba application the reader , as it is the first thing the brain processes before having the time to read the recommendation for us application text or recognize the name or appreciate the paper. Being the first thing the reader subconsciously processes the shape of a resume is quite important. The first aspect to consider when analyzing shape is the proportion of the page margins. Having standardized margins guarantees a resume that won’t stand out and hbs mba is the informal essay safest choice for 95% of resume writers. 1 inch resume margins are pretty standard, and especially useful for job applicants without much experience. Margins can vary by essays tenths of a point and recommendation letter application still be acceptable, however it may be difficult for the amateur resume writer to really understand what is application essays “acceptable” in the industry, and thus sticking to essay a standardized margin is recommended. 1 inch resume margins are pretty standard, and especially useful for job applicants without much experience as 1” margins are the largest allowed on hbs mba essays resumes and will help make the typed text seem lengthier than it is. Resume Genius’ resume maker actually utilizes precise .63” margins, as Resume Genius experts feel that .63” strikes the essay perfect harmonious balance between making the application text appear broader, and “fuller” than larger margins of 1” which create slightly too much white space. It should be noted that the proportion of “white space” is a constant measurement of informal essay a resumes shape, as too much white space (blank space) on the page makes a resume seem lacking and appear barren, while too little white space makes a resume feel cramped and too busy. Going any lower than .5” margins on your resume is not advisable because it often leaves the hbs mba hiring manager feeling claustrophobic.

As with margins, the length of fallacies a resume is a critical formatting factor that has a large impact in the overall aesthetic of the document and thus is hbs mba essays consequential enough to give considerable consideration. Also like margins, the perfect resume length is a hotly contested subject within the resume writing community. There are few general rules of thumb however to help you determine what length is most appropriate for you. Alignment of essay about homeless resumes is a pretty straightforward process as they are almost always left alighted , as this is how most in the western world read text. Headings, experience bullet points, educational information and hbs mba application essays additional skills will all be left aligned. Contact details and applicant names will be center aligned 90% of the form time , however some special styles will left alight the contact information.

There are special areas of the resume however that can be center aligned under the right circumstances outside of contact information. The resume’s introduction is also sometimes centered. Choosing to do so is a matter of personal taste and both perfectly acceptable. 2. Aesthetics: Fonts Font Size, Lines, Symbols, and Colors. Determining the most appropriate font style for essays a resume can be a difficult task for the applicant with an untrained eye. Math Solve. There are thousands of different styles of fonts, but only a few that are appropriate for professional documents such as cover letters, resumes and hbs mba application essays thank you letters. Essay Helping Homeless. Before choosing a particular style applicants must first choose between two worlds, that of serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts have small lines attached to the ends of the letters. This is most commonly used in hbs mba application essays, word processing or other non-traditional forms of typesetting. Sans Serif, “Sans” being French for “without” is lettering that does not include small lines or hooks at the end of essay the road not taken each letter. Choosing between one or another is application essays a matter of personal preference and no one font can be said to be definitely better than another.

Like colors, personal preference plays a large role, and since guessing a HR’s personal preference is impossible choosing a personal favorite is perfectly acceptable. For a crisper font at smaller sizes it is advisable to browse less stylized Sans Serif fonts. Times Roman fonts have been used the most, however the smaller the font size the harder these become to read because of their artistic Serif nature. Bookman Old Style Georgia Times Roman Times New Roman. Arial Avenir Calibri Helvetica Veranda. Styles vary so much that one may look horrible at 10.5 while another font looks best at 10.5 and too bloated at 11.5. Many applicants may be surprised to learn that there is no one single correct resume font size. There are “safe bets” like 11pt font that should look aesthetically pleasing in many different styles, however this is a very one-size-fits all approach to essay of the what is a very delicate process. Resume writing is not an approximate art but instead a precise operation, and hbs mba essays the more attention given to precision the recommendation for us better the final product. Your resume font size should actually be linked directly to essays font style. Essay. Styles vary so much that one style may look horrible and nearly unreadable at hbs mba essays 10.5 while another font looks best at 10.5 and too bloated at 11.5.

To achieve a perfect balance first select a desired font style, then adjust it’s size accordingly, using one –tenth of for us visa a decimal place to fine tune the final size. See how the style makes the type look much different even though they are the same size? Do not make the mistake of letting page length dictate font size. If an applicant’s resume is just exceeding one page by a few words or a sentence try fitting to one page by first choosing synonyms or rewriting sentences to make them shorter and more succinct. Only after an applicant has exhausted their ability to shorten their resume with language should they turn to minor margin and font size and style adjustments. Just remember, don’t sacrifice overall aesthetic quality with the hbs mba essays single-minded goal of fitting to one page. Plural Form. A resume is valued for the sum of all parts, not just its length . Beyond just margins and font selection the overall shape of hbs mba essays a resume can also be greatly influenced by the subtle and strategic use of lines and bullet points. These are the only two non-alphanumerical symbols allowed on informal fallacies a professional resume, as elements such as clipart; word art, smiley faces or even diamonds are simply not acceptable. Lines break up a page and stop the eye from reading further momentarily , allowing the brain to process the just read information for hbs mba a fraction of a second longer should there have never existed a break line in the first place.

Such break lines can be inserted into a resume after a career objective or summary of qualifications for math solve example to emphasize the statement above. Hbs Mba Application Essays. Break lines can also be used to interpretive old man separate special titles or unique sections like key skills if writing a functional or combination style resume. Only use lines sparingly, as too many will break up the page into too many pieces and obstruct the readers eye from hbs mba application moving fluidly from essay section to section, ultimately frustrating the hbs mba application essays reader. Symbols may only be used in the form of bullet points or spacers. The most common symbol used is the traditional bullet point, which consists of a small black dot. This is the preferred form of using bullet points, and is the safest choice. Those applicants who are a little more unconventional in their style could perhaps consider an plural alternative bullet shape such as a small black square, but this is about as big of hbs mba a deviation as is acceptable. Essentially, applicants are to choose between a bowtie or a tie , both communicating a similar message.

Only use one style on essay not taken a resume, never mix and match circle and square bullet points horribly ugly travesty. Resumes are traditionally written in black, as it is the most widely accepted, safest and conservative approach. Hbs Mba Application Essays. Resumes can however make use of subtle additions of color throughout to help them stand out in not taken, a stack of nearly identical black and white documents. Here are a few examples of how you can use color on your resume. If an hbs mba essays applicant does choose to homeless people use color it should be a primary color and it should be muted, no bright neon or zany variations. Simple and application essays subtle reigns supreme in the resume world. The key with color in resumes is retaining the focus on math problem the experiences, achievements and skills in the words rather than moving focus to colors. Colors on resumes are meant to assist the communication of the information, not detract or take away from its central importance.

Resume paper selection is an important aspect of the presentation of a completed resume. First priorities must always remain focused on the quality of writing, makings sure every sentence, every word is chosen for a purpose and is the best possible choice. After the content of a resume, next in importance comes the formatting, the margins, the fonts and the spacing. Finally, with a completed product in hand, it’s time to print and distribute. Hbs Mba Application Essays. This is where paper comes into play.

Not sure which kind of paper is best for you? Check out our resume paper comparison where we rate the plural top 7 styles that you can buy. White paper is the traditional color choice for hbs mba essays resumes written by amateurs and professionals alike. White takes away nothing from the words on the page but doesn’t contribute anything either. White is traditional and essay helping people a safe choice for resumes of all career levels and for all different industries. Colored paper has been a quick way to add style to any resume for years now, as next to a bunch of true white documents a slightly yellowed or “cream” hued resume will instantly stand out without being obnoxious. While this isn’t the conservative approach, it is by no means “radical” and thus a fair option for anyone who feels their resume may need a boost in essays, standing out amongst others for essay of the old man and the sea a highly competitive position. A common resume paper weight in office and hbs mba application essays home printers is about 20lbs bond. This is acceptable for a resume however for such an important document it may be worth spending a little extra money for 24-25lb bond weight paper, as this is just slightly weightier and feels better in the hand. Anything exceeding 25lb bond weight is bordering on excessive.

Our experts find that 24-25lbs bond is the essay sweet spot for resume paper weight. Paper texture is determined by hbs mba application its composition and the press used to manufacture it. Some premium papers are pressed with very subtle crosshatching while others have even less noticeable imperfections pressed upon them to plural form essay give them a unique feel to the touch. Look for a well-weighted paper, with texture or not, with at least 25% cotton composition. The more cotton the stronger the essays paper and about crisper it feels. Many colored and essays textured papers are already manufactured as “premium” and will thus have a cotton fiber percentage of 50-100%, resulting in a very impressive document. All resume paper should be 8.5” X 11”; there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. 8.5” X 11” is the size that filing units are built to form essay contain, the size scanners are by default set to process, and the size common manila envelopes are made to contain, so it is highly inadvisable to print paper any smaller or larger. By taking into consideration all of the above guidelines, any job applicant can write a perfect resume sure to be impressive to even the most critical of human resources managers.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of hbs mba application creating your own resume? We encourage you to use our resume builder here, which will format your resume into essay about helping one of our 8 battle tested templates, which have been proven to application land more interviews. We also invite you to download those resume templates for free, and insert the bullet point yourself. If you’re having trouble coming up with bullet points, take inspiration from our numerous industry resume samples and writing tips. Additional Resume Aesthetic Resources. What a well written comprehensive piece! Thank you so very much! We are glad that you found it helpful! Glad you like it! very informative…. Thanks a lot.

You’re Welcome! We like Bookman Old Style the most. This is very helpful. Thank you. #128578; Share Resume Aesthetics: Fonts, Margins, and recommendation application Paper Selection Guidelines Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to hbs mba essays introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in informal fallacies essay, today’s competitive job market. Hbs Mba. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and for us easy export to application MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to math problem the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the quality of a resume within 6 seconds?

The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to hbs mba the test, and math learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout.

See why. How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to hbs mba unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for a nice job. Resume Builder Comparison | Resume Genius vs. LinkedIn Labs. What are the differences between the major online resume builders? Here's an in depth analysis of what. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including:

Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to plural form essay introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to application essays help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. Essay About Homeless. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to MS Word and PDF.

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20 Outstanding Business Plan Powerpoint Templates. A great business presentation doesn#8217;t just need a fantastic delivery, you also need to use clear, engaging and beautiful slides. Without these, you run the hbs mba, risk of the presentation falling flat. Unfortunately, few of us are graphic designers and usually, our best efforts fall way short of the mark. To give the about people, ultimate business presentation, you need to get your hands on a good Microsoft PowerPoint template. Here we#8217;ve put together some of the best business plan templates that you can find. Most of them are fully editable and can be adapted to your specific needs. Hbs Mba Application? You will find something to informal essay suit your business needs. Be sure to click on an image to hbs mba see further sample slides. Business Proposal Plan PPT and essay PPTX Template by Jafar Designs. Features 60 unique slides, with an amazing 20 different color schemes.

All slides are fully editable. This PowerPoint template is excellent for hbs mba application essays, dynamic presentations. Animations included to create professional business presentation. Work faster and easier with this template pack. Essay Old Man And The? Business Presentation Template by Presentakit. Features over 328 slides and is customizable with over 20 color schemes. Essays? Includes 8 PPTX full animations.

It#8217;s a clean, minimalist yet elegant style template. Great for business, corporate, and personal use. Modern Presentation Side Template by Kakasilver. This template features PPT and PPTX files with more than 80 slides. All slides are editable in of the old man and the this modern powerpoint presentation. It looks great on both 4:3 and 16:9 screens. Perfect for business presentations. Modern Business Plan by hbs mba essays, Elite Author. This is perfect for a wide range of fallacies essay, businesses, including property companies, market research, and product reviews.

Come complete with 53 unique slides and 3 color options. There are also great infographics, charts and application essays icons. This is an amazing PowerPoint template with over 200 unique slides! There are 7 different color variations and math all have a bright and dark theme. Your audience will be amazed with this presentation.

Fully editable with vector graphics. Business PowerPoint Presentation by hbs mba application, graphicdesign268. This template has been designed to be clean and informal essay minimalistic. Make use of the 107 unique slides and the 200 icons available. Slides are full HD and look sharp on essays 4:3 and informal fallacies essay 16:9 screens. Very easy to edit.

More professional powerpoint templates can be found by clicking the application, link. Modern PPTX Template by Pello1103. Math Problem Solve? This modern PPTX template comes with 120 slides in 3 color variations: gray, red, and green. All the slides are easily editable and essays can be adapted for all business uses. Incorporates a Microsoft Excel chart. The HD slides look stunning on 4:3 or 16:9 screens. Featuring more than 2900 slides, this template has everything you need. Comes complete with 18 color schemes and professional shapes and icons.

Make use of the animations and cool transitions. Powerpoint PPTX and layered PSD. PowerPoint Business Template by dotnpix. This comes in 3 size formats: 4:3, 16:9, and A4. Let#8217;s you create great corporate presentations and also PDF handouts. Choose unlimited colors, or pick one of the 50 premade color schemes. The visuals are stunning and will grab the audience#8217;s attention. Endless Biz Plan Template by KedaiCreative. This is described as #8220;professional powerful.#8221; When you see the screenshots, you will see why. PPT and PPTX file included.

Over 7500 slides and 750 icons. It uses a clean design and essay about helping homeless people can be fully edited. Also has 5 PSD mockups. This is excellent for a business PP presentation or even personal use. The template incorporates great icons, charts graphs and infographics.

There are an amazing 296 unique slides! Also 180 PPTX and 2500 vector EPS icons. This presentation template includes many special features. Hbs Mba Application Essays? There are plenty of recommendation application, animations to choose from as well as over 80 exclusive slides. 10 pre-made color schemes are already prepared and the slides are fully editable. Bright and dark version.

This comes in essays 2 size formats: 4:3 and 16:9 making this a very versitile presentation business template. There 22 templates with 550 unique slides and over 250 unique icons. The template comes in a dark and light color version. PPT and essay PPTX files. Hbs Mba Application Essays? Vector icons, and infographics. News PowerPoint PPT PPTX Template.

The slide template has 31 slides to choose from. All of the slides have a clean design and recommendation letter for us visa application will really showcase your presentation. Lots of variations to choose from. This is full of different variations and includes stunning slides. All graphics can be directly edited in essays PowerPoint. Choose from over 182 unique slides and 40 preset color schemes. Included are 120 templates. Comes in 3 sizes: 4:3, 16:9, and fallacies A4. A fantastic plan for presenting reports, overviews, development plans, and financial planning.

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clinical resume for Interventional and Observational Studies. This document describes the definitions for protocol registration data elements submitted to for interventional studies (clinical trials) and observational studies. These definitions are mostly adapted from 42 CFR Part 11. Data element entries are annotated with symbols to hbs mba, indicate generally what information is required to essay people, be submitted (and under which circumstances). The responsible party must ensure that the information provided complies with any applicable laws, regulations, or policies. For more information about various requirements and definitions of regulatory terms under 42 CFR Part 11, see Support Materials. Note : The term clinical study is used to refer to both interventional and observational studies. The term participant is used to refer to human subjects. Definition: Any unique identifier assigned to the protocol by the sponsor.

Limit: 30 characters. Definition: A short title of the clinical study written in language intended for hbs mba application essays, the lay public. The title should include, where possible, information on the participants, condition being evaluated, and intervention(s) studied. Limit: 300 characters. Definition: An acronym or abbreviation used publicly to identify the clinical study, if any. Limit: 14 characters. Definition: The title of the clinical study, corresponding to the title of the and the sea, protocol. Limit: 600 characters. Definition: An identifier(s) (ID), if any, other than the organization's Unique Protocol Identification Number or the hbs mba application, NCT number that is assigned to the clinical study.

This includes any unique clinical study identifiers assigned by other publicly available clinical trial registries. If the clinical study is funded in whole or in part by a U.S. Federal Government agency, the complete grant or contract number must be submitted as a Secondary ID. Limit: 30 characters. If there is a Secondary ID, then the following information must be provided: Definition: A description of the type of Secondary ID. Select one.

U.S. Letter Visa Application? National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grant/Contract Award Number: In the Secondary ID field, include activity code, institute code, and 6-digit serial number. Other components of the full award number (type code, support year, and suffix) are optional. Application? Other Grant/Funding Number: Identifier assigned by plural a funding organization other than the U.S. Hbs Mba Application? NIH; also required to enter the name of the interpretive of the sea, funding organization. Registry Identifier: Number assigned by a clinical trial registry (for example, a registry that is part of the World Health Organization [WHO] Registry Network); also required to enter the name of the clinical trial registry. Hbs Mba Application Essays? EudraCT Number: Identifier assigned by the European Medicines Agency Clinical Trials Database (EudraCT). Other Identifier: Also required to enter a brief description of the identifier (for example, the name of organization that issued the identifier).

Definition: If a Secondary ID Type of Other Grant/Funding Number, Registry Identifier, or Other Identifier is the road not taken, selected, provide the name of the funding organization, clinical trial registry, or organization that issued the hbs mba application, identifier. Limit: 119 characters. Definition: The nature of the investigation or investigational use for which clinical study information is being submitted. Select one. Interventional (clinical trial): Participants are assigned prospectively to an intervention or interventions according to people, a protocol to evaluate the effect of the intervention(s) on biomedical or other health related outcomes. Patient Registry: An observational study that is also considered to be a Patient Registry. This type of study should only application essays, be registered once in the Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS), by the sponsor responsible for the primary data collection and analysis. Expanded Access: An investigational drug product (including biological product) available through expanded access for patients who do not qualify for enrollment in informal fallacies essay a clinical trial. Expanded Access includes all expanded access types under section 561 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: (1) for individual patients, including emergency use; (2) for intermediate-size patient populations; and (3) under a treatment IND or treatment protocol. (For more information on data requirements for essays, this Study Type, see Expanded Access Data Element Definitions). Definition: The date on which the responsible party last verified the clinical study information in the entire record for the road, the clinical study, even if no additional or updated information is being submitted.

Definition: The recruitment status for the clinical study as a whole, based upon the status of the individual sites. If at least one facility in a multi-site clinical study has an Individual Site Status of Recruiting, then the Overall Recruitment Status for the study must be Recruiting. Select one. Not yet recruiting: Participants are not yet being recruited Recruiting: Participants are currently being recruited, whether or not any participants have yet been enrolled Enrolling by hbs mba application invitation: Participants are being (or will be) selected from a predetermined population Active, not recruiting: Study is continuing, meaning participants are receiving an intervention or being examined, but new participants are not currently being recruited or enrolled Completed: The study has concluded normally; participants are no longer receiving an essay helping homeless intervention or being examined (that is, last participant’s last visit has occurred) Suspended: Study halted prematurely but potentially will resume Terminated: Study halted prematurely and hbs mba, will not resume; participants are no longer being examined or receiving intervention Withdrawn: Study halted prematurely, prior to enrollment of first participant. Limit: 160 characters. Definition: A brief explanation of the reason(s) why such clinical study was stopped (for a clinical study that is application, Suspended, Terminated, or Withdrawn prior to its planned completion as anticipated by the protocol). Definition: The estimated date on which the clinical study will be open for recruitment of participants, or the actual date on which the first participant was enrolled. Note : Enrolled means a participant's, or their legally authorized representative’s, agreement to participate in hbs mba a clinical study following completion of the informed consent process. Potential participants who are screened for the purpose of determining eligibility for the study, but do not participate in essay about helping the study, are not considered enrolled, unless otherwise specified by the protocol. Definition: The date that the final participant was examined or received an intervention for application essays, the purposes of final collection of data for the primary outcome, whether the clinical study concluded according to the pre-specified protocol or was terminated.

In the case of clinical studies with more than one primary outcome measure with different completion dates, this term refers to the date on which data collection is completed for all of the primary outcomes. Once the informal fallacies, clinical study has reached the primary completion date, the application, responsible party must update the interpretive sea, Primary Completion Date to reflect the actual primary completion date. Definition: The date the final participant was examined or received an intervention for purposes of final collection of data for the primary and hbs mba application essays, secondary outcome measures and adverse events (for example, last participant’s last visit), whether the clinical study concluded according to the pre-specified protocol or was terminated. Once the clinical study has reached the study completion date, the Responsible Party must update the Study Completion Date to reflect the actual study completion date. Definition: An indication of whether the responsible party is the sponsor, the sponsor-investigator, or a principal investigator designated by the sponsor to essay about helping, be the responsible party. Select one. Sponsor: The entity (for example, corporation or agency) that initiates the study Principal Investigator: The individual designated as responsible party by application essays the sponsor (see Note) Sponsor-Investigator: The individual who both initiates and conducts the study. Note : The sponsor may designate a principal investigator as the responsible party if such principal investigator meets all of the following requirements: is responsible for conducting the study; has access to essay not taken, and control over hbs mba application essays, the data from the study; has the recommendation letter visa application, right to publish the results of the hbs mba application, study; and has the ability to meet all of the fallacies, requirements for submitting and updating clinical study information. If the Responsible Party, by Official Title is either Principal Investigator or Sponsor-Investigator, the following is required: Investigator Name : Name of the investigator, including first and hbs mba application, last name. Investigator Official Title : The official title of the investigator at the primary organizational affiliation. Limit: 254 characters.

Investigator Affiliation : Primary organizational affiliation of the individual; Definition: The name of the entity or the individual who is the interpretive and the sea, sponsor of the clinical study. Limit: 160 characters. Note : When a clinical study is conducted under an investigational new drug application (IND) or investigational device exemption (IDE), the hbs mba application essays, IND or IDE holder is considered the sponsor. Recommendation Application? When a clinical study is not conducted under an IND or IDE, the hbs mba application, single person or entity who initiates the study, by essay old man and the sea preparing and/or planning the study, and who has authority and control over the study, is considered the sponsor. Definition: Other organizations (if any) providing support. Support may include funding, design, implementation, data analysis or reporting. The responsible party is responsible for confirming all collaborators before listing them. Limit: 160 characters. Definition: Indication that a clinical study is studying a drug product (including a biological product) subject to section 505 of the Federal Food, Drug, and hbs mba, Cosmetic Act or to section 351 of the Public Health Service Act.

Select Yes/No. Definition: Indication that a clinical study is fallacies, studying a device product subject to section 510(k), 515, or 520(m) of the hbs mba application essays, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Select Yes/No. Definition: Indication that at least one device product studied in the clinical study has not been previously approved or cleared by the U.S. Food and essay and the sea, Drug Administration (FDA) for one or more uses. Application? Select one. Yes: At least one studied FDA-regulated device product has not been previously approved or cleared by FDA No: All studied FDA-regulated device products have been previously approved or cleared by FDA. Note : Full posting of registration information will be delayed if Yes is selected and the study is an applicable clinical trial that is required to essay, be registered under 42 CFR 11.22. However, the responsible party may authorize NIH to essays, post the information using the Post Prior to U.S. FDA Approval or Clearance data element. Definition: Authorize NIH to post publicly clinical trial registration information for a clinical study of a device product that has not been previously approved or cleared (that would otherwise be subject to delayed posting).

Select Yes/No. Definition: Indication that a clinical study that includes a U.S. FDA-regulated device product is a pediatric postmarket surveillance of a device product ordered under section 522 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Select Yes/No. Definition: Complete the letter for us, following information regarding an IND or IDE for the clinical study as defined under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations in hbs mba essays 21 CFR 312.3 or 21 CFR 812, respectively. Definition: Indicate whether the clinical study is being conducted under an letter for us visa IND or IDE application filed with the FDA.

Select one. ( Will not be made public - for administrative purposes only ) Yes: Clinical study is application essays, conducted under an IND or IDE filed with the FDA. Problem Solve? No: Clinical study is not conducted under an application IND or IDE filed with the FDA. Includes a clinical study that is “IND exempt” under FDA regulations in 21 CFR 312.2(b), or is for a nonsignificant risk device subject to application, FDA-abbreviated IDE requirements in hbs mba essays 21 CFR 812.2(b), or is exempt from the IDE filing requirements in 21 CFR 812. If there is an IND or IDE filed with the FDA for helping homeless, the clinical study, the following are required: Definition: The name or abbreviation of the hbs mba, FDA Center with which the IND or IDE is helping homeless, filed. Select one. ( Will not be made public - for essays, administrative purposes only. ) CDER: Center for Drug Evaluation and Research CBER: Center for Biologics Evaluation and problem solve, Research CDRH: Center for Devices and Radiological Health. Definition: IND or IDE number assigned by the FDA Center. ( Will not be made public - for administrative purposes only. ) Definition: For an IND, the application, IND serial number, as defined in 21 CFR 312.23(e), if any, assigned to the clinical study. ( Will not be made public - for administrative purposes only. Informal Fallacies Essay? ) Definition: Whether there is expanded access to the investigational product for patients who do not qualify for enrollment in a clinical trial. Application Essays? Expanded Access for essay, investigational drug products (including biological products) includes all expanded access types under section 561 of the essays, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: (1) for individual participants, including emergency use; (2) for intermediate-size participant populations; and (3) under a treatment IND or treatment protocol. Select one.

Yes: Investigational product is interpretive essay of the old man sea, available through expanded access No: Investigational product is not available through expanded access Unknown: If the responsible party is not the hbs mba, sponsor of the problem solve, clinical trial and manufacturer of the hbs mba essays, investigational product. Definition: If expanded access is available, the NCT number of the expanded access record. If there is no existing expanded access record, the responsible party who is both the manufacturer of the investigational drug product (including a biological product) and the sponsor of the letter for us visa, ACT is required to hbs mba application essays, create an expanded access record. (For more information on data requirements for about homeless, this Study Type, see Expanded Access Data Element Definitions). Definition: Whether any drug product (including a biological product) or device product studied in the clinical study is manufactured in the United States or one of its territories and exported for study in a clinical study in another country. Required if U.S. FDA-regulated Drug and/or U.S. FDA-regulated Device is Yes, U.S. FDA IND or IDE is hbs mba application essays, No, and math solve, Facility Information does not include at least one U.S. location. Select Yes/No. Definition: Studies must have approval (or be exempt, as appropriate) from a Human Subjects Protection Review Board prior to hbs mba essays, the enrollment of the first participant to essay about, be eligible for registration.

A study may be submitted for registration prior to hbs mba, approval by the review board so long as the study is essay, not yet recruiting participants. Definition: Indicate whether a clinical study has been reviewed and approved by at application least one human subjects protection review board or such review is not required per applicable law (for example, 21 CFR Part 56, 45 CFR Part 46, or other applicable regulation). Select one. Request not yet submitted: Review board approval is required but has not yet been requested Submitted, pending: Review board approval has been requested but not yet granted Submitted, approved: Review board approval has been requested and about homeless people, obtained Exempt: An exemption in accord with applicable law and regulation has been granted Submitted, denied: Review board has denied the approval request Submission not required: Review board approval is not required because the application essays, study is not subject to laws, regulations, or applicable institutional policies requiring human subjects review. If the essay homeless people, study is not an applicable clinical trial that is hbs mba application, required to be registered under 42 CFR Part 11, is not funded in whole or in about people part by the U.S. Hbs Mba? Government, and is not conducted under an IND or IDE, then the following information is required: Definition: Number assigned by the human subjects review board upon approval of the protocol.

May be omitted if status is anything other than approved. ( Will not be made public - for administrative purposes only. ) Definition: Full name of the approving human subjects review board. Helping People? ( Will not be made public - for administrative purposes only. ) Definition: Official name of hbs mba essays organizational affiliation of the for us application, approving human subjects review board. ( Will not be made public - for administrative purposes only. ) Limit: 255 characters. Definition: Contact information for hbs mba application essays, the human subjects review board. ( Will not be made public - for administrative purposes only. ) Phone (or Email required): Phone number Extension : Phone extension, if needed Email (or Phone required): Electronic mail address. For Us Application? Address : Mailing address for the board, including street address, city, State or province, postal code, and country. Definition: Indicate whether a data monitoring committee has been appointed for this study. The data monitoring committee (board) is a group of independent scientists who are appointed to hbs mba, monitor the safety and scientific integrity of a human research intervention, and to make recommendations to the sponsor regarding the stopping of the trial for efficacy, for harms or for math, futility. The composition of the committee is hbs mba essays, dependent upon the scientific skills and math, knowledge required for monitoring the particular study. Select Yes/No. Definition: Indicate whether this study includes an intervention subject to U.S. Hbs Mba? Food and Drug Administration regulation under section 351 of the Public Health Service Act or any of the following sections of the essay the road not taken, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: 505, 510(k), 515, 520(m), and application, 522.

Select Yes/No. Definition: If this study includes an plural essay FDA regulated intervention, indicate whether this is an applicable clinical trial as defined in U.S. Essays? Public Law 110-85, Title VIII, Section 801. Select Yes/No. Definition: A short description of the clinical study, including a brief statement of the clinical study's hypothesis, written in language intended for the lay public. Limit: 5000 characters. Definition: Extended description of the essay, protocol, including more technical information (as compared to the Brief Summary), if desired. Do not include the entire protocol; do not duplicate information recorded in hbs mba application essays other data elements, such as Eligibility Criteria or outcome measures. Limit: 32,000 characters. Quality assurance plan that addresses data validation and not taken, registry procedures, including any plans for site monitoring and auditing.

Data checks to essays, compare data entered into the registry against predefined rules for range or consistency with other data fields in the registry. Source data verification to assess the accuracy, completeness, or representativeness of registry data by comparing the essay, data to hbs mba application essays, external data sources (for example, medical records, paper or electronic case report forms, or interactive voice response systems). Data dictionary that contains detailed descriptions of each variable used by the registry, including the form essay, source of the essays, variable, coding information if used (for example, World Health Organization Drug Dictionary, MedDRA), and normal ranges if relevant. Standard Operating Procedures to essay homeless people, address registry operations and hbs mba essays, analysis activities, such as patient recruitment, data collection, data management, data analysis, reporting for adverse events, and change management. Sample size assessment to specify the number of essay not taken participants or participant years necessary to demonstrate an effect. Plan for missing data to address situations where variables are reported as missing, unavailable, non-reported, uninterpretable, or considered missing because of data inconsistency or out-of-range results. Statistical analysis plan describing the hbs mba essays, analytical principles and statistical techniques to be employed in math problem solve order to address the primary and secondary objectives, as specified in the study protocol or plan. Definition: The name(s) of the hbs mba application, disease(s) or condition(s) studied in the clinical study, or the focus of the the road not taken, clinical study. Use, if available, appropriate descriptors from NLM's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)-controlled vocabulary thesaurus or terms from another vocabulary, such as the Systematized Nomenclature of hbs mba essays Medicine—Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT), that has been mapped to MeSH within the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) Metathesaurus. Definition: Words or phrases that best describe the protocol. Keywords help users find studies in about people the database.

Use NLM's Medical Subject Heading (MeSH)-controlled vocabulary terms where appropriate. Hbs Mba Essays? Be as specific and precise as possible. Avoid acronyms and abbreviations. Definition: A description of the manner in which the clinical trial will be conducted, including the informal, following information: Definition: The main objective of the intervention(s) being evaluated by the clinical trial. Hbs Mba Essays? Select one.

Treatment: One or more interventions are being evaluated for treating a disease, syndrome, or condition. Prevention: One or more interventions are being assessed for preventing the development of plural form a specific disease or health condition. Diagnostic: One or more interventions are being evaluated for hbs mba, identifying a disease or health condition. Supportive Care: One or more interventions are evaluated for maximizing comfort, minimizing side effects, or mitigating against a decline in the participant's health or function. Screening: One or more interventions are assessed or examined for identifying a condition, or risk factors for a condition, in people who are not yet known to have the form essay, condition or risk factor. Hbs Mba Essays? Health Services Research: One or more interventions for evaluating the delivery, processes, management, organization, or financing of healthcare. Basic Science: One or more interventions for examining the basic mechanism of math solve action (for example, physiology or biomechanics of an intervention).

Device Feasibility: An intervention of hbs mba a device product is being evaluated in a small clinical trial (generally fewer than 10 participants) to determine the feasibility of the product; or a clinical trial to test a prototype device for feasibility and informal fallacies essay, not health outcomes. Such studies are conducted to confirm the design and operating specifications of a device before beginning a full clinical trial. Other: None of the other options applies. Definition: For a clinical trial of a drug product (including a biological product), the numerical phase of such clinical trial, consistent with terminology in hbs mba application 21 CFR 312.21 and in 21 CFR 312.85 for phase 4 studies. Recommendation Letter For Us? Select only one. N/A: Trials without phases (for example, studies of hbs mba devices or behavioral interventions). Interpretive Of The Old Man And The Sea? Early Phase 1 (Formerly listed as Phase 0): Exploratory trials, involving very limited human exposure, with no therapeutic or diagnostic intent (e.g., screening studies, microdose studies). See FDA guidance on hbs mba essays, exploratory IND studies for more information. Informal? Phase 1: Includes initial studies to determine the hbs mba application essays, metabolism and pharmacologic actions of drugs in humans, the side effects associated with increasing doses, and to gain early evidence of effectiveness; may include healthy participants and/or patients.

Phase 1/Phase 2: Trials that are a combination of phases 1 and 2. Essay Sea? Phase 2: Includes controlled clinical studies conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug for essays, a particular indication or indications in participants with the disease or condition under study and to determine the common short-term side effects and form, risks. Application? Phase 2/Phase 3: Trials that are a combination of phases 2 and 3. Phase 3: Includes trials conducted after preliminary evidence suggesting effectiveness of the drug has been obtained, and are intended to gather additional information to evaluate the overall benefit-risk relationship of the essay, drug. Application? Phase 4: Studies of FDA-approved drugs to delineate additional information including the informal, drug's risks, benefits, and optimal use. Definition: The strategy for application essays, assigning interventions to participants. Single Group: Clinical trials with a single arm Parallel: Participants are assigned to one of two or more groups in parallel for the duration of the study Crossover: Participants receive one of two (or more) alternative interventions during the form essay, initial phase of the hbs mba essays, study and receive the other intervention during the second phase of the study Factorial: Two or more interventions, each alone and in combination, are evaluated in parallel against a control group Sequential: Groups of participants are assigned to receive interventions based on interpretive essay sea, prior milestones being reached in application the study, such as in some dose escalation and adaptive design studies. Definition: Provide details about the Interventional Study Model.

Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: The number of arms in the clinical trial. Informal? For a trial with multiple periods or phases that have different numbers of arms, the maximum number of arms during all periods or phases. Note : Arm means a pre-specified group or subgroup of participant(s) in a clinical trial assigned to receive specific intervention(s) (or no intervention) according to essays, a protocol. Definition: The party or parties involved in the clinical trial who are prevented from having knowledge of the interventions assigned to individual participants.

Select all that apply. Roles, if Masking: Participant Care Provider Investigator Outcomes Assessor: The individual who evaluates the outcome(s) of interest No Masking. Definition: Provide information about other parties who may be masked in the clinical trial, if any. Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: The method by which participants are assigned to arms in a clinical trial. N/A (not applicable): For a single-arm trial Randomized: Participants are assigned to essay about people, intervention groups by application essays chance Nonrandomized: Participants are expressly assigned to solve, intervention groups through a non-random method, such as physician choice. Definition: The estimated total number of participants to be enrolled (target number) or the actual total number of hbs mba application participants that are enrolled in the clinical study.

Note : Enrolled means a participant’s, or their legally authorized representative’s, agreement to informal essay, participate in a clinical study following completion of the informed consent process. Potential participants who are screened for the purpose of determining eligibility for a study, but do not participate in application the study, are not considered enrolled, unless otherwise specified by the protocol. Definition: Primary strategy for participant identification and about homeless, follow-up. Select one. Cohort: Group of application essays individuals, initially defined and composed, with common characteristics (for example, condition, birth year), who are examined or traced over interpretive and the, a given time period.

Case-Control: Group of essays individuals with specific characteristics (for example, conditions or exposures) compared to group(s) with different characteristics, but otherwise similar. Case-Only: Single group of individuals with specific characteristics. Case-Crossover: Characteristics of case immediately prior to disease onset (sometimes called the hazard period) compared to characteristics of about helping people same case at hbs mba application essays a prior time (that is, control period). Ecologic or Community Studies: Geographically defined populations, such as countries or regions within a country, compared on a variety of letter environmental (for example, air pollution intensity, hours of hbs mba sunlight) and/or global measures not reducible to individual level characteristics (for example, healthcare system, laws or policies median income, average fat intake, disease rate). Family-Based: Studies conducted among family members, such as genetic studies within families or twin studies and studies of family environment. Other: Explain in essay Detailed Description. Definition: Temporal relationship of observation period to time of participant enrollment. Hbs Mba? Select one.

Retrospective: Look back using observations collected predominantly prior to subject selection and recommendation application, enrollment Prospective: Look forward using periodic observations collected predominantly following subject enrollment Cross-sectional: Observations or measurements made at a single point in time, usually at subject enrollment Other: Explain in Detailed Description. Definition: Indicate whether samples of material from research participants are retained in a biorepository. Hbs Mba Application Essays? Select one. None Retained: No samples retained Samples With DNA: Samples retained, with potential for extraction of DNA from at least one of the types of samples retained (e.g., frozen tissue, whole blood) Samples Without DNA: Samples retained, with no potential for DNA extraction from any retained samples (e.g., fixed tissue, plasma) Definition: Specify all types of essay about helping homeless biospecimens to hbs mba essays, be retained (e.g., whole blood, serum, white cells, urine, tissue).

Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: The estimated total number of essay about participants to hbs mba application, be enrolled (target number) or the actual total number of participants that are enrolled in for us the clinical study. Note : Enrolled means a participant’s, or their legally authorized representative’s, agreement to participate in hbs mba application essays a clinical study following completion of the informed consent process. Potential participants who are screened for the purpose of determining eligibility for a study, but do not participate in the study, are not considered enrolled, unless otherwise specified by the protocol. Definition: For Patient Registries, the anticipated time period over form essay, which each participant is to be followed. Application? Provide a number and and the sea, select a Unit of Time (years, months, weeks, days). Definition: Number of study groups/cohorts. Enter 1 for a single-group study. Many observational studies have one group/cohort; case control studies typically have two.

Arm Information * ( For interventional studies only ) Definition: A description of each arm of the clinical trial that indicates its role in the clinical trial; provides an informative title; and, if necessary, additional descriptive information (including which interventions are administered in each arm) to hbs mba, differentiate each arm from other arms in the clinical trial. Definition: The short name used to identify the arm. Limit: 62 characters. Definition: The role of each arm in the road not taken the clinical trial. Experimental Active Comparator Placebo Comparator Sham Comparator No Intervention Other. Definition: If needed, additional descriptive information (including which interventions are administered in each arm) to differentiate each arm from other arms in the clinical trial. Limit: 999 characters. Group/Cohort Information ( For observational studies only ) Definition: Specify the predefined participant groups (cohorts) to be studied, corresponding to application essays, Number of informal fallacies Groups specified under Study Design (for single-group studies, the following data elements are optional). Do not use this section to hbs mba essays, specify strata (Detailed Description can be used for that purpose, if desired). Limit: 62 characters.

Definition: The short name used to identify the group. Definition: Explanation of the nature of the essay of the old man and the sea, study group (for example, those with a condition and those without a condition; those with an exposure and those without an application essays exposure). Limit: 1000 characters. Note : The overall study population should be described under Eligibility. Definition: Specify the essay helping homeless people, intervention(s) associated with each arm or group; at hbs mba essays least one intervention must be specified for interventional studies. For observational studies, specify the intervention(s)/exposure(s) of interest, if any. If the same intervention is associated with more than one arm or group, provide the information once and use the Arm or Group/Intervention Cross-Reference to plural, associate it with more than one arm or group. Definition: For each intervention studied in the clinical study, the general type of hbs mba essays intervention. Select one.

Drug: Including placebo Device: Including sham Biological/Vaccine Procedure/Surgery Radiation Behavioral: For example, psychotherapy, lifestyle counseling Genetic: Including gene transfer, stem cell and recombinant DNA Dietary Supplement: For example, vitamins, minerals Combination Product: Combining a drug and device, a biological product and informal fallacies essay, device; a drug and biological product; or a drug, biological product, and application essays, device Diagnostic Test: For example, imaging, in-vitro Other. Definition: A brief descriptive name used to fallacies, refer to the intervention(s) studied in essays each arm of the clinical study. A non-proprietary name of the intervention must be used, if available. If a non-proprietary name is not available, a brief descriptive name or identifier must be used. Limit: 200 characters. Definition: Other current and former name(s) or alias(es), if any, different from the Intervention Name(s), that the sponsor has used publicly to identify the intervention(s), including, but not limited to, past or present names such as brand name(s), or serial numbers. Limit: 200 characters.

Definition: Details that can be made public about the intervention, other than the Intervention Name(s) and Other Intervention Name(s), sufficient to distinguish the intervention from other, similar interventions studied in the same or another clinical study. For example, interventions involving drugs may include dosage form, dosage, frequency, and duration. Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: If multiple Arms or Groups have been specified, indicate which Interventions (or exposures) are in each Arm or Group of the study, using the Cross-Reference check boxes. Definition: A description of each primary outcome measure (or for essay not taken, observational studies, specific key measurement[s] or observation[s] used to describe patterns of diseases or traits or associations with exposures, risk factors or treatment). Note : Primary outcome measure means the outcome measure(s) of greatest importance specified in the protocol, usually the one(s) used in the power calculation. Most clinical studies have one primary outcome measure, but a clinical study may have more than one.

For each primary outcome measure, include the following information: Title : * Name of the application essays, specific primary outcome measure. Limit: 254 characters. Essay The Road? Description : Description of the metric used to characterize the specific primary outcome measure, if not included in the primary outcome measure title. Limit: 999 characters. Application? Time Frame : * Time point(s) at essay helping homeless people which the measurement is assessed for the specific metric used. Application Essays? The description of the plural, time point(s) of essays assessment must be specific to the outcome measure and is generally the specific duration of time over which each participant is assessed (not the overall duration of the study).

Definition: A description of each secondary outcome measure (or for observational studies, specific secondary measurement[s] or observation[s] used to describe patterns of essay the road not taken diseases or traits or associations with exposures, risk factors or treatment). Note : Secondary outcome measure means an outcome measure that is hbs mba application, of lesser importance than a primary outcome measure, but is part of informal fallacies essay a pre-specified analysis plan for evaluating the effects of the intervention or interventions under investigation in application a clinical study and is not specified as an letter for us visa exploratory or other measure. A clinical study may have more than one secondary outcome measure. For each secondary outcome measure, include the following information: Title : * Name of the specific secondary outcome measure Description : Description of the metric used to characterize the specific secondary outcome measure, if not included in hbs mba application the secondary outcome measure title. Essay Homeless? Time Frame : * Time point(s) at which the measurement is assessed for application essays, the specific metric used. The description of the time point(s) of assessment must be specific to the outcome measure and is generally the specific duration of time over which each participant is assessed (not the overall duration of the study). Definition: Any other measurements, excluding post-hoc measures, that will be used to evaluate the intervention(s) or, for observational studies, that are a focus of the study. Title : * Name of the problem solve, specific other pre-specified outcome measure Description : Description of the metric used to application essays, characterize the specific other pre-specified outcome measure, if not included in plural form essay the other pre-specified outcome measure title. Time Frame : * Time point(s) at which the measurement is assessed for the specific metric used.

The description of the time point(s) of assessment must be specific to the outcome measure and is generally the specific duration of hbs mba time over which each participant is assessed (not the overall duration of the study). Definition: The sex and, if applicable, gender of the participants eligible to participate in the clinical study. Definition: The sex of the participants eligible to participate in the clinical study. Essay Of The And The Sea? Select one. Note : Sex means a person's classification as male or female based on biological distinctions. All: Indicates no limit on eligibility based on the sex of participants Female: Indicates that only female participants are being studied Male: Indicates that only male participants are being studied. Definition: If applicable, indicate whether participant eligibility is based on gender. Select one.

Note : Gender means a person's self-representation of gender identity. Yes: Eligibility is essays, based on gender No: Eligibility is not based on gender. Definition: If eligibility is based on gender, provide descriptive information about recommendation letter for us visa, Gender criteria. Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: The minimum and maximum age of potential participants eligible for the clinical study, provided in hbs mba relevant units of time.

Definition: The numerical value, if any, for plural form, the minimum age a potential participant must meet to be eligible for the clinical study. Definition: The numerical value, if any, for the maximum age a potential participant can be to application, be eligible for the clinical study. Unit of Time * Definition: Indication that participants who do not have a disease or condition, or related conditions or symptoms, under study in the clinical study are permitted to letter for us visa, participate in the clinical study. Hbs Mba Essays? Select Yes/No. Definition: A limited list of essay the road not taken criteria for selection of participants in the clinical study, provided in terms of inclusion and exclusion criteria and suitable for assisting potential participants in identifying clinical studies of application essays interest. Use a bulleted list for each criterion below the plural, headers Inclusion Criteria and Exclusion Criteria. Limit: 15,000 characters. Definition: A description of the population from which the groups or cohorts will be selected (for example, primary care clinic, community sample, residents of a certain town). Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: Indicate the essays, method used for the sampling approach and solve, explain in the Detailed Description.

Select one. Probability Sample: Exclusively random process to guarantee that each participant or population has specified chance of selection, such as simple random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified random sampling, cluster sampling, and application, consecutive participant sampling Non-Probability Sample: Any of a variety of plural other sampling processes, such as convenience sampling or invitation to application essays, volunteer. Definition: The name or title, toll-free telephone number and email address of a person to whom questions concerning enrollment at interpretive essay and the sea any location of the study can be addressed. Hbs Mba? Include the following information: First Name Middle Initial Last Name or Official Title * Degree Phone : * Toll free phone number of the Central Contact Person.

Use the format 800-555-5555 within the United States and Canada. If outside the United States and Canada, provide the essay of the old man and the sea, full phone number, including the country code. Application Essays? Ext : phone extension, if needed Email : * electronic mail address of the central contact person. Definition: Person to contact if Central Contact is not available. Include the the road, following information:

First Name Middle Initial Last Name or Official Title Degree Phone : Toll free phone number of the Central Contact Backup. Hbs Mba Application? Use the format 800-555-5555 within the United States and Canada. Recommendation Visa Application? If outside the United States and Canada, provide the full phone number, including the country code. Ext : Phone extension, if needed Email : Electronic mail address of the contact person. Definition: Person(s) responsible for application essays, the overall scientific leadership of the protocol, including study principal investigator.

Include the following information: First Name Middle Initial Last Name Degree Organizational Affiliation : Full name of the official's organization. If none, specify Unaffiliated. Limit: 255 characters. Definition: For each participating facility in a clinical study, the essay, following information: Facility Name: * § Full name of the organization where the clinical study is being conducted. Definition: The recruitment status of each participating facility in a clinical study.

Not yet recruiting: Participants are not yet being recruited Recruiting: Participants are currently being recruited, whether or not any participants have yet been enrolled Enrolling by invitation: Participants are being, or will be selected from a predetermined population Active, not recruiting: Study is essays, continuing, meaning participants are receiving an intervention or being examined, but new participants are not currently being recruited or enrolled Completed: The study has concluded normally; participants are no longer receiving an intervention or being examined (that is, the last participant's last visit has occurred) Suspended: Study halted prematurely but potentially will resume Terminated: Study halted prematurely and will not resume; participants are no longer being examined or receiving intervention Withdrawn: Study halted prematurely, prior to enrollment of plural first participant. Definition: For each facility participating in a clinical study, including the name or title, telephone number, and email address of a person to whom questions concerning the hbs mba essays, study and recommendation letter visa application, enrollment at that site can be addressed. Include the following information: Definition: Person to contact if Facility Contact is not available (that is, a second contact person). First Name Middle Initial Last Name Degree Role : Site Principal Investigator Site Sub-Investigator. Contact information character limits: First Name: 62 characters Last Name: 62 characters Degree: 30 characters Phone: 30 characters Phone Ext: 14 characters Email: 254 characters.

Definition: Indicate whether there is essays, a plan to make individual participant data (IPD) collected in math this study, including data dictionaries, available to other researchers (typically after the end of the study). Select one. Yes: There is application, a plan to make IPD and related data dictionaries available. No: There is not a plan to form, make IPD available. Undecided: It is not yet known if there will be a plan to make IPD available. Definition: If Plan to Share IPD is Yes, briefly describe what specific individual participant data sets are to be shared (for example, all collected IPD, all IPD that underlie results in a publication). Hbs Mba? If the Plan to Share IPD is No or Undecided, an explanation may be provided for why IPD will not be shared or why it is not yet decided. Limit: 1000 characters. IPD Sharing Supporting Information Type. Definition: The type(s) of supporting information that will be shared, in addition to fallacies essay, the individual participant data set and data dictionaries for hbs mba application essays, the IPD itself. Select all that apply.

Study Protocol Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) Informed Consent Form (ICF) Clinical Study Report (CSR) Analytic Code. Definition: A description of when the IPD and any additional supporting information will become available and for how long, including the start and end dates or period of availability. This may be provided as an absolute date (for example, starting in January 2025) or as a date relative to the time when summary data are published or otherwise made available (for example, starting 6 months after publication). Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: Describe by what access criteria IPD and fallacies, any additional supporting information will be shared, including with whom, for what types of hbs mba essays analyses, and by interpretive old man what mechanism.

Information about who will review requests and criteria for reviewing requests may also be provided. Limit: 1000 characters. Definition: The web address, if any, used to find additional information about the plan to share IPD. Definition: Citations to publications related to the protocol: background and/or results. Hbs Mba? Provide either the PubMed Unique Identifier (PMID) of an math solve article or enter the hbs mba, full bibliographic citation. Definition: PMID for the citation in MEDLINE. Definition: A bibliographic reference in NLM's MEDLINE format.

Limit: 2000 characters. Definition: Indicate if the reference provided reports on results from this clinical study. Select Yes/No. Definition: A web site directly relevant to the protocol may be entered, if desired. Do not include sites whose primary goal is to advertise or sell commercial products or services. Links to educational, research, government, and other non-profit web pages are acceptable. Essay? All submitted links are subject to review by Definition: Complete URL, including http:// or https:// Limit: 3999 characters. Definition: Title or brief description of the linked page.

Definition: The individual participant data (IPD) sets and supporting information that are being shared for the study. Provide the following information for each: Definition: The type of hbs mba application essays data set or supporting information being shared. Individual Participant Data Set Study Protocol Statistical Analysis Plan Informed Consent Form Clinical Study Report Analytic Code Other (specify) Available IPD/Information URL. Definition: The web address used to request or access the homeless, data set or supporting information. Limit: 3999 characters. Definition: The unique identifier used by a data repository for the data set or supporting information. Limit: 30 characters.

Definition: Additional information including the name of the data repository or other location where the hbs mba, data set or supporting information is available. Provide any additional explanations about the data set or supporting information and instructions for obtaining access, particularly if a URL is not provided. For details on uploading study documents (study protocol, statistical analysis plan, and/or informed consent form), see the Document Upload Information in the Results Data Element Definitions. ( Provided as part of essay User Information or Organization Information in a PRS Account ) Note : Responsible party means with respect to a clinical study, the sponsor of the clinical study, as defined in 21 CFR 50.3; or the principal investigator of essays such clinical study if so designated by recommendation visa a sponsor, grantee, contractor, or awardee, so long as the principal investigator is responsible for conducting the application, study, has access to and control over the data from the helping, clinical study, has the essays, right to informal essay, publish the hbs mba essays, results of the helping, study, and has the ability to meet all of the requirements for hbs mba application, the submission of clinical study information. For a pediatric postmarket surveillance of a device product that is not a clinical trial, the informal fallacies, responsible party is the entity who FDA orders to conduct the pediatric postmarket surveillance of the device product. Essays? Name of recommendation application Individual * Official Title * Physical Address * Name of Organizational Affiliation * Street Address * City * State/Province * ZIP/Postal Code * Country * Mailing Address * ( If different from hbs mba Physical Address ) Name of Organizational Affiliation * Street Address * City * State/Province * ZIP/Postal Code * Country * Phone: * Use the format 800-555-5555 within the United States and Canada.

Otherwise, provide the full number, including the country code. Ext: phone extension, if needed Email: * Electronic mail address.

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FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESUME TEMPLATES. If you search the Internet for “ free resume template ” you will get over hbs mba application, 19 million results. Informal Essay! Unfortunately, many will only provide you with a PDF file, one or two resumes to choose from, or nothing that matches your needs. We offer 447 professional resume templates and cover letters, as well as cover letter and resume writing help, and a free resume builder. Everything you need to create the perfect resume and land your dream job. 1. Hbs Mba Application Essays! How to Create a Resume 2. Not Taken! Resume Templates 2.1 Proven and Popular 2.2 Format 2.3 Basic and hbs mba Simple 2.4 ATS-Optimized 2.5 Clean 2.6 Modern 2.7 Contemporary 2.8 Portfolio 2.9 One-Page 2.10 Creative 2.11 Infographic 2.12 Career 3. About! Using a Resume Template: Good, Bad, or Ugly? 4. Essays! Resume Builders: What Are They and Do You Need One?

5. Cover Letters: Starting off on the Right Foot 6. Formatting Tips. Select your optimal resume format. Chronological, functional, or a combination? The right format presents your work history and skills in the best possible light. Form Essay! See “Resume Format Guide” for some excellent guidance and format examples. Write down your jobs, achievements, education, awards, skills, and hbs mba any other relevant information you can think of. Look at the job description for clues on what kind of informal fallacies essay, candidate the hbs mba application, employer is looking for.

What work experiences and skills match that ideal candidate profile? Highlight those selling points in your resume. “How to Write a Great Resume” will take you through the whole process step by step. A good resume template can streamline the process of fallacies, creating a professional resume. It takes care of all the little, easily overlooked formatting details such as the fonts, margins, bullets, and alignment. Hbs Mba Application Essays! This allows you to essay old man, focus on the job search itself, and on writing your resume. Each document in hbs mba essays our library is free to download for personal use. Simply scroll down to find a Microsoft Word template that presents your unique job experience in the best possible way. Templates on this page are compatible with Microsoft Word. Please see these resources for application, professional resume templates in other formats:

OpenOffice – In this primer on the OpenOffice resume, you’ll learn how to insert tables, images, and graphs into your resume. We also offer free resume and cover letter templates in hbs mba essays both OTT and ODT formats. Google Docs – Google Doc offers a robust word processor on a powerful, free-to-use platform. Learn about the interpretive essay sea, many ways Google enables file sharing, or download one of trenty Google Docs resume examples. You can export these templates into Word or OpenOffice, save them in essays rich text or as a pdf, or even publish them as a web page. Fallacies Essay! Photoshop – For resumes that benefit from images, the Photoshop PSD template can be a powerful tool. Not every resume needs images.

However, there are applicants, such as graphic designers or photographers, who should consider them. Essays! When used appropriately, images can anchor your resume in the road not taken the mind of the hiring manager. Follow the link to find a multitude of resume examples in hbs mba application a variety of styles. The Road Not Taken! InDesign – Created by Adobe, InDesign can be thought of as page-layout software. It enables the easy movement around the page of images, text, icons, or other artwork. This allows you to essays, manipulate your resume in creative ways. Fallacies! At the link you will find 26 resume templates using the InDesign INDD (InDesign Document) format. LaTeX – LaTeX is not a word processor; it is a “high quality type-setting system.” LaTex was created for academics whose publications include numbers, graphs, and non-Roman scripts. This platform offers users a way to create these kinds of application, images that its competition lacks. Follow the link to find over thirty resume templates in the LaTeX file format, downloadable as ZIP files.

If you are applying for work in academia, you might need a CV template. Please see our Curriculum Vitae page for a CV writing guide and examples. Some documents from our template library use “ lorem ipsum ” text. We refer to those documents as “blank resume templates” because they are designed to assist you with the informal fallacies essay, resume style. We also have examples with sample resume outlines, bullet points, professional profiles, experiences, summary statements, objectives, and other content. Application! These are created to form, help guide the resume writing process. Explore our free resume library, download free resume examples and templates, personalize them to match your experience and needs, and start landing more interviews.

For job-hunters on hbs mba application essays, the go, here are three “Editors’ Choice” sample resume template designs. Each professional template has been prepared by resume experts and is suitable for most career stages and experience levels. You can also browse some of the most popular layouts we’ve created. Our hall of fame – Top 10 Best Templates – includes our ten most popular resume templates for you to essay, download for free. Chronological resumes allow potential employers to review your work history, duties and accomplishments at a glance. This type of application, resume is a great choice for job seekers with a long and recommendation for us stable employment record. Many hiring managers prefer seeing this traditional resume style.

See our Chronological Resume Format Guide to format your own resume, and to application essays, download free chronological resume examples. Functional resumes take the focus away from work experience and emphasize qualifications and skills. This resume type works best for career changers, job seekers who have gaps in their work history, and applicants with entry-level resumes. See our Functional Resume Format Guide to learn how to create your own skills-based resume, and to interpretive old man and the sea, download functional resume examples. Combination Resumes (also known as “hybrid resumes”) show your employment timeline while also highlighting your most relevant qualifications. This format works best for applicants with significant work experience and many job requirements and responsibilities. Our Combination Resume Format Guide provides the tools you’ll need to make this tricky format work for you, as well as free examples. Our Basic Resume Templates are for applicants in traditional or conservative fields. Basic does not need to be boring. These layuts are streamlined and organized, and application essays may add a touch of color to help your application stand out.

They are appropriate in essay most industries and application career phases (entry-level, managerial, or executive). Plural Essay! Three of our favorite examples are below, and thirty more are in hbs mba application our Basic Resume Template library. Many companies now use an Applicant Tracking System in their recruitment process. Some of these systems cannot read graphics, tables, symbols, or charts. If you want to ensure that an letter application ATS doesn’t lose information in your resume, then plain text format is the safest choice. This modern resume style features a clean layout, traditional sans-serif fonts, and prominent titles. See all of our ATS-Ready Resume Examples. Tested for clarity and readability, Clean and Simple Resume Templates will add just the right amount of style to your professional profile. These effective designs rely on application, typography, white space, and color to create a professional and current look. If you think this resume style is for you, download one of plural essay, three examples below, or choose from seventy options we offer here.

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You may love them, but not every employer will find them appropriate. If a creative resume template is right for you, download one of our 40+ examples from the Creative Resume Library. Infographic resumes are a new trend, and have gained a great deal of popularity in informal fallacies essay 2017. Hbs Mba Application Essays! This resume type uses images, charts, and graphs to tell the story of your professional life. Creative resumes and visual layouts are not yet well accepted by all hiring managers, so be sure to consider your industry.

We created 12 new designs featuring a variety of graphics for you to plural, download – see our Infographic Resume Library. This new resume template library provides resume examples for various careers and career stages. If you are a student or recent graduate with little or no job experience, then try our entry-level job examples: For students or recent graduates with some work experience, see more of our entry-level resume samples: Use these industry-specific examples if you have three or more years of professional experience in customer service or healthcare industries: If you live in hbs mba one of the South Asian countries (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India), then please see our country-specific examples: Good, bad or ugly?

Should you use a resume template? Some recruiting professionals advise against using templates and resume builders. They believe using those tools makes your resume look generic and keeps you from standing out from sea, other candidates. This concern is worth considering. Recruiters and hiring managers see hundreds of resumes every day. One that is poorly crafted in either its formatting or its content will be quickly spotted and moved to the slush pile. Templates fix the issue of poor formatting by doing it for you. With a template, you will not spend hours trying to adjust margins and fonts. The content produced by resume templates and hbs mba builders, however, is recommendation visa not meant to be the final result. Every job seeker’s experience is hbs mba application essays unique, and a template needs to be customized to fallacies essay, match and promote that singular experience. A chronological resume template should not be used by a job-hopper, and a skills-based resume is not the best choice for hbs mba essays, executives with an impressive vertical career progression.

Templates are meant to be a place to start the difficult process of plural essay, creating your resume. They aren’t one-size-fits all, cookie-cutter solutions, and they shouldn’t be treated as ready-made resumes. When used for guidance and inspiration when writing your own unique and hbs mba essays original resume, resume templates can be a powerful weapon in landing more interviews more quickly. What are they and do you need one? If resume formatting is not your thing, you can get help from an letter for us visa online resume builder. Hbs Mba Essays! This resume-making tool handles both design and content, and can create excellent first drafts. The search for work is a race, and informal fallacies essay resume builders are starting blocks. They don’t get you to the finish line, but can give you a head start over your competition. Resume builders offer many features that simplify the job-hunting process.

Here are a few: Email and online resume – You can email prospective employers or post your resume online in many formats. Application Essays! Writing Tips – Use tips and sample phrases to describe your work history and homeless achievements. Cover letter templates and builders – Build a strong cover letter with templates and tips. Design – Built-in resume templates take care of formatting and design. Resume samples – Compare your resume against samples. Hbs Mba Application! Resume analytics – Find out if your resume is being viewed and downloaded. … but keep in form mind. As powerful a tool as resume builders can be, they are still best treated as first drafts.

The algorithms resume builders use are able to incorporate basic syntax and industry jargon. They do not, however, always sound natural. As Brenda Barron pointed out at hbs mba,, “Using canned sentences can seem like keyword stuffing.” Resumes serve two functions. Homeless! Their overt function is to list your skills, experience, and education. But their covert function is to show prospective employers how well you communicate, as well as your communication style.

Because of this, you need to application, edit your resume so that it sounds close to your natural, professional speaking voice. If you feel a resume builder is the tool for you, see this page to find an online resume builder. Starting off on the right foot. A resume cover letter needs to do more than introduce you and highlight some of your skills. It needs to be engaging, well crafted, and well researched. Recommendation For Us Visa Application! It needs to avoid sounding like a hard sell while still selling you to hbs mba, the company.

If a resume is a list of your accomplishments, then its cover letter is where you get to tell the story of how you achieved those accomplishments. Use it to explain how your experiences will benefit the company. Tell the potential employer why this job is important to you. To help you avoid some common pitfalls and maximize the potential of your application, experts agree that you should consider the the road not taken, following guidelines. Don’t skimp – While not all hiring managers read cover letters, they are not a waste of application, time. The Road Not Taken! Just having one could increase your chances of getting a job interview—even if the employer doesn’t read it. And if the hiring committee has a tough choice between you and a few other applicants, then a cover letter can be what separates you from your competitors. Keep it brief – And the shorter the application essays, better. According to visa application, a resume survey of employers in Orange County, California, “Nearly 70% of hbs mba application essays, employers want either a half page cover letter or ‘the shorter the letter visa application, better’ approach.” But there is some leeway here. If the position or your experiences warrant it, then using more than half a page would be fine.

Just make sure it’s well crafted. If possible, create a narrative – Especially when experience or the position warrants a longer cover letter—executive resumes, for example—make it tell a story. The narrative structure is application essays a powerful device, and if you can use context, conflict, and resolution, then the the road, reader won’t care that it is long. Hbs Mba Application Essays! For a resume, a narrative’s context might be your work history. The conflict may be experiences you’ve had in the past that left you wanting to do more than your previous position allowed.

And the informal essay, resolution could be getting this new job. Do your research – Research each company you apply to, and craft a new cover letter for each of them. With social media, this is far easier than it used to be. Follow accounts of the company and application essays its executives on Twitter, Facebook, and plural LinkedIn to study their content and the culture. Focus on application, details – Make sure that every word is essential. Use a spelling and grammar checker and writing apps. Ask someone else to read it and give you advice. Application! Read from the end to hbs mba essays, the beginning and use other editing and proofreading tips. Learn how to format a resume by making the most of letter for us application, Microsoft Word’s features. Our short video tutorials will teach you some basic formatting tips and application essays tricks.

How to use paragraph styles and form themes How to hbs mba application, change header, footer, margins, and page size How to essay old man, fit resume text on one page, and how to remove blank pages How to customize tabs, text boxes and tables How to add and remove sections. Please keep in mind that: All files are compatible with Microsoft Word, and essays many of them will work in other applications such as Mac Pages, Google Docs and OpenOffice. Problem! We create our templates in hbs mba application Microsoft Office 2010 and we use Microsoft Word default fonts. If you do not have these fonts installed or use a different operating system, our templates might look different on your computer. We use text styles and for us visa built-in color schemes to create our templates.

Knowing how to application, use paragraph styles will ease the interpretive and the, process of modifying a template. While most resumes are US Letter size, some are A4. Application! You can change the page size to make it compatible with the size used in your country. Problem Solve! For creative designs with colored backgrounds, consider setting the page color to “none” and print on a high-quality colored paper. If the design requires borderless printing, a local print shop can help you if that feature is hbs mba unavailable on your home printer. 855.213.0348 | MON-FRI 8A-8P, SAT 8A-5P, SUN 10A-6P CST. 2017 Bold Limited. All rights reserved.