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Clothing fashion essays

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Antigone vs Creon as Tragic Hero in Sophocles#8217;s #8220;Antigone#8221; Essay Sample. According to Aristotle, a tragic hero in a Greek drama must meet certain requirements. Essays? The tragic hero must be of noble birth, be basically good, must have a tragic flaw, and must have a moment of realization at some point in the work. Although Antigone is the namesake of the Sophocles play and is a hero in her own right, she is not a tragic hero. Essays Political And Moral? Creon is the true tragic hero of Antigone in the traditional sense of the term. Both Antigone and Creon were born of noble blood as they are members of the essays, same family. However, Antigone#8217;s birth is corrupted as she is the child of a brother and sister. This almost immediately disqualifies her as the tragic hero. Antigone is more than basically good; she never waivers from her position because she knows that she is right, whereas Creon stands somewhere in the middle of the road.

He is basically good, but he can easily be lead astray by his own flaws as the reader sees immediately. Antigone never has a moment of recognition. From the beginning of the play she knows and accepts her fate for upholding her moral beliefs. This is not a consequence of a flaw, rather it is a virtuous trait. Essays Political? Creon#8217;s unknown fate becomes increasingly apparent throughout the play and is clearly a product of his dynamic character flaws. Clothing Essays? Antigone is a knowing victim of bibliography book Creon#8217;s tyranny and mortal law, almost a martyr; Creon suffers because his pride causes him to transgress a higher law, the law of the gods. Thus, the critical difference between the essays, tragic value of the two characters lies in the nature and cause of their suffering.

In the end, Creon recognizes his flaws and in doing so reaches an elevated state of understanding. Though Antigone faces a tragic end she does not reveal as much about the human condition as does Creon, thus making Creon the focus of the play. Antigone is established as a representative of the gods#8217; laws and serves as a reminder to Creon of the will of the gods. He is the representative of mortal law. As such, he has disregarded the gods#8217; laws with his edict prohibiting the holy burial of Polyneices. Treva Lindsey? While Antigone#8217;s fate is an obvious matter of her external end at the hands of Creon, Creon#8217;s fate takes on a divine nature as it begins to develop in his character. Directly after Creon#8217;s entrance his nature is introduced through the fear of the Sentry. The Sentry who says: #8220;How dreadful it is when the right judge judges wrong!#8221; (203). Another voice of truth and reason enters with Haemon, Creon#8217;s son and Antigone#8217;s husband, who at first ingratiates Creon with filial loyalty and then subtly introduces the idea that Creon might be wrong: #8220;#8230;do not believe that you alone can be right. The man who thinks that, the clothing essays, man who maintains that only he has the power To reason correctly, the health essay, gift to fashion speak, the , soul A man like that, when you know him, he turns out empty#8221; (219).

Here the clothing fashion, reader is introduced to Creon#8217;s tragic flaws: vanity and pride. Fashion Essays? Haemon goes on to tell his father: #8220;you have no right to trample on God#8217;s right#8221; (221). Next enters Teiresias who reinforces Antigone and Haemon#8217;s statements about the laws of the gods with his warning of bad omens. Though Creon childishly scorns the prophet#8217;s warnings on the surface, once Teiresias has exited and Creon is left alone with the chorus, he admits that #8220;it is hard to give in! but it is worse to clothing essays risk everything for stubborn pride#8221; (235). Creon thus finally acknowledges the oncoming tragic fate of his bad judgment. In the end, Antigone operates as the sorrowful composition of a tragic figure whose suffering is the unfortunate result of the tragic flaw of the real tragic hero, Creon. By focusing the play on the tragic heroism of Creon but having the foil of his character as the protagonist, Antigone, Sophocles creates a vision of tragedy which is as complex as the human condition it explores. Sophocles raises the question of man#8217;s ultimate place in the universe with two characters, each representing different strata of the college admission culture, human spirit, torn between mortal and immortal law, free will and fate. He answers with the tragedy of Creon, who in the end finds wisdom and learns through his own suffering. Clothing Essays? Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and for a, order Antigone vs Creon as Tragic Hero in Sophocles#8217;s #8220;Antigone#8221; essay editing for only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and clothing fashion essays, quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Antigone vs Creon as Tragic Hero in Sophocles#8217;s #8220;Antigone#8221; Throughout history there have been many people known as heroes. Most of these people have done wonderful things to help society. However, in literature there is another type of hero,#8230; Compare the portrayal of writing an annotated Creon in Oedipus the King and fashion, Antigone. In both plays Creon is of high social status. In Antigone he is the king of Thebes. Can I Type My Paper? In Oedipus the clothing fashion, King he is the brother in law to Oedipus and#8230; Sophocles: #8220;Antigone#8221;- The differences between Creon and writing, Antigone. Throughout the play, the difference between Creon and Antigone is vividly shown.

By the end of the play, Antigone, it is evident that a total of five characters have lost#8230; Individual Conscience Vs. Laws Of The State. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone chooses to abide by fashion, the laws of the Gods rather than the precepts of the , mortals. Clothing Fashion Essays? Although Antigone#8217;s actions were rash and my paper online, often#8230; Creon vs. Antigone or Male vs. Female?

In Sophocles Antigone, the title character#8217;s gender has profound effects on the meaning of her actions. Creon himself says that the need to defeat her is all the more pressing#8230; Oedipus and Creon. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, the two characters, Antigone and Creon, the king of Thebes both undergo character changes. During the play the audience sees the two character#8217;s attitude#8230;

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How do the mental health service respond to the rising incidents of self harm among young people. The Oxford Medical Dictionary defines suicide as self-destruction that is performed as a deliberate act. Although it is strongly linked to self-harm , it is noteworthy that self-harm is often not a suicide attempt, but actually a parasuicide -when self-harm is carried out for creative other reasons other than killing oneself. Deliberate self-harm refers to “a wide range of behaviours and intentions including attempted hanging, impulsive self-poisoning, and superficial self-cutting in response to intolerable tension” (Skegg, 2005). According to The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), self-harm is an expression of personal distress, and is not in itself, and illness. It is a situation in health food which a person inflicts harm on himself or herself in an attempt to end one’s life, relieve tension, escape anguish, change others’ behaviours, show desperation or cry for help (Hawton and James, 2005). Thus it ranges from behaviours with no suicidal intent through to actual suicide.

However, is has been proposed that some successful suicides are actually self-harming episodes that go wrong. Suicide and self-harm among teenagers usually occurs by means of self-cutting or self-poisoning. Other common examples include hitting or burning oneself, pulling hair or picking skins and self-strangulation. Generally, teenagers tend to use means that are readily available within their homes. Self-poisoning accounts for approximately 90% of reported hospital cases -usually involving over-the-counter preparations such as paracetamol and aspirin, or psychotropic agents. Rarely, self-harm is carried out by clothing fashion, more violent acts such as attempted hanging; in which case, it is generally associated with higher suicidal intent.

While previous self-harm is a major determining factor for future suicides, the reverse is obviously not the case. Possibly, a major difference between these two increasingly prevalent occurrences is complete hopelessness often associated with suicide victims. It is widely believed that adolescents who commit suicides are products of broken homes, have history of family of self-psychiatric disorders or suicidal behaviour, substance misuse or have previously self-harmed. In self-harm, oftentimes the individual is merely crying for help in an extreme manner. This is fundamental to the rationale behind the extensive assessment recommended for all patients who have self-harmed.

Although these two conditions often overlap, differences have been highlighted between suicides and creative writing deliberate self-harm in fashion essays terms of epidemiology and clothing fashion essays prevalence. Essay! While suicide rates increase with age, the majority of deliberate self-harm occur in people under 35 years of age. Gender variation has also been widely observed, with suicides being more common in males and deliberate self-harm in females. Also, differences arise in clothing the psychiatric status of the essays political and moral, patients. Post mortem studies of suicide victims show that there is usually an underlying psychiatric disorder such as depression associated with the victim’s mental health. This is not always the essays, case with self-harm patients. Although there could be a history of depressive illness, self-harm is frequently an essays, impulsive act, probably enhanced by , alcohol or drug consumption (Hawton and James, 2005). Self-harm is a serious public health problem and young people are particularly affected by it (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). A case of a patient who has self-harmed is a chance for the health services to effectively evaluate and address any relevant underlying problems and clothing essays is an opportunity to successfully avert potential future suicides.

The extent of self-harm and suicides among young people has been accurately described as an unknown quantity (Bywaters and Rolfe, 2002). Reportedly, 8 out of every 100,000 deaths in England and Wales each year are suicide cases. There are an estimated 25,000 adolescent self-harm presentations annually in hospitals in England and Wales (Hawton et al, 2000) and government research report that as many as 1 in 17 young people have attempted to harm themselves. Suicide is the second most common cause of death among 15- to 34-year olds. These rates are even higher (20-50 times) in psychotic patients than in the general population. The often-vast variation between different prevalence sources is most likely an indicator of geographic, epidemiogical and cultural variation in self-harm trends. Global suicide rates in young people have increased during the past three decades. According to the Office of National Statistics (1999), 1.3% of 5-10 year olds have tried to harm, hurt or kill himself/herself.

More than four times this proportion (5.8%) of the older children aged 11 to 15 years old report having attempted to self-harm or commit suicide. Most child and adolescent mental the health services take the clothing fashion essays, school-leaving age of 16 as their upper limit. Thus most available statistics are only for essays children up to the age of 16. Essays! It is important that children who fall within this narrow and bibliography oft-omitted age-gap (16-18 year olds) are not neglected, and are properly catered for. The statistics also show that among the 5-10 year olds, boys were almost twice as likely to self-harm than their female counterparts. Likewise, children of single-parent homes also had more tendencies for clothing essays deliberate self-harm than children of couple-parent families. Surprisingly, children with no siblings had slightly more chance of committing self-harm than children from larger families.

40% of these children who had tried to self-harm had a mental disorder, and one in three had experienced 3 or more stressful life events. In contrast, among the 11-15 year olds, self-harm appears to be more prevalent among girls (58%) than boys. For Kids Worksheets! However, these older children are apparently more likely to self-harm if they have a lot of siblings. 50% of these adolescents who had tried to harm, hurt or kill themselves had a mental disorder and over 40% had experienced 3 or more stressful life events. Parents generally tend to underestimate their children’s self-harm tendencies and history, as illustrated by the vast differences in parents and clothing fashion essays children’s accounts of self-harm and suicide attempts. This gives an insight into writing for kids the level of shrouding and secrecy that is associated with these phenomena and casts doubts on the validity and reliability of these widely accepted statistics. Stigmatisation and ostracization commonly associated with suicide and self-harm victims and admission families is the most likely reason behind under-reporting and denial. Clothing Fashion! In addition, prevalence of suicides is largely underestimated because of reluctance of coroners to classify cause of death as suicides, especially in children.

A large proportion of the so-called “open verdicts” are, in fact, suicides (Hawton and James, 2005). Essays Political And Moral! Self-harm techniques such as self-cutting usually go unnoticed. As the most common method of DSH by teenagers, the fashion essays, implications are that the rates of self-harm amongst adolescents are grossly under-reported. Thus it is important to note that these daunting statistics might actually represent a conservative estimate of the reality of self-harm and suicide attempts among young people . Investigating potential socio-demographic and clinical predictors of suicide, Cooper et al (2005) concluded that there was an clothing, approximately 30-fold increase in risk of suicide in deliberate self-harm patients than in the general population. Treva! Furthermore, suicide rates were found to be highest within the first 6 months after the initial self-harm episode. This is the basis for early assessment and treatment as will be discussed in subsequent sections. Examining trends and characteristics of self-harm in adolescents between 1990 and 2000, Hawton et al (2003) found that the prevalence of self-harm among young females was on the increase.

These rising rates could reflect latent negative effects of a number of social changes. Food! Possible reasons for essays this increase include increased rates of family breakdowns, increasing rates of substance misuse, media influences and common peer behaviours. In a self-report survey, Hawton et al (2002) studied the prevalence of deliberate self-harm in adolescents aged 15 and 16 years old, and the factors associated with it. In this age group, females were more likely to self-harm than males. Ethnicity-wise, teenagers of white origin were more likely to self-harm than their Asian counterparts. Black young people were the for kids, least likely to self-harm. In addition, teenagers who lived with other family members apart from their parents were more likely to self-harm than those who live with one or both parents. Smokers also had more incidents of self-harm than non-smokers, with frequency increasing with number of cigarettes smoked in girls. Clothing Fashion! Similar trends were observed with young people who consumed alcohol. Expectedly, bullying and other forms of abuse (physical or sexual) was a major determining factor for writing for kids adolescents who self-harm. Other factors which played a role in clothing fashion self-harm amongst young people were sexual orientation worries, trouble with police and family or friends who harm themselves.

Although self-harm is observed in all age-groups, it has an average age of onset of 12 years old (Fox and and moral Hawton, 2004). Thus the importance of addressing this problem in adolescents is blatantly obvious. Factors that have been substantiated to be strongly associated with self-harm amongst adolescents are very similar to characteristics associated with suicidal patients. These include: Depression Substance misuse Physical or sexual abuse Low self esteem Physical ill-health Disputes with parents, siblings or friends School or work problems. In an ecological and person-based study, Hawton et al (2001) investigated the food essay, influence of the clothing fashion essays, economic and social environment on where can i type online deliberate self-harm and suicide. Improving on the methodical limitations of previous studies, the researchers studied DSH patients over 10 years.

The relationship between socio-economic deprivations was shown to fashion essays be very significant in males and females. These findings have been collaborated by a more specific study (patients under 18 years old). Clothing! Socio-economic deprivation was significantly associated with overdose, self-injury and poisoning by illicit substances (Ayton et al, 2003). Accounting for confounding factors, correlations remained significant, further validating the results of the study. Although the relationship between ethnic density and deliberate self-harm tendencies is not well established, Neeleman and colleagues (2001) demonstrated variable deliberate self-harm rates in various minority groups, suggesting protection and risk in different areas. This is a gap in the literature for future research. School stress has also been shown to play a role in DSH in teenagers (Hawton et al, 2003). The findings from widespread international research suggest that the most determining risk factors for youth suicide are mental disorders and a history of psychopathology (Beautrais, 2000). Others could be individual and personal vulnerabilities, social, cultural and contextual factors. Possible motives for self-harming behaviour other than death are highlighted below (Hawton and James, 2005): To escape from unbearable anguish.

To change the behaviour of others. To escape from a situation. To show desperation to others. To make others feel guilty. To gain relief of tension. Fashion Essays! To seek help.

Furthermore, research has provided a useful insight into the factors that can influence repetitive self-harm behaviours despite aftercare and treatment. This is important in the assessment of patients who have self-harmed to identify those who are likely to self-harm again and prevent such episodes. Writing Worksheets! Factors that are associated with repeated self-harm as highlighted by Hawton and James (2005) include personality disturbance, depression, alcohol or substance misuse, disturbed family relationships, social isolation and poor school records. Hawton et al (1999) demonstrated that self-harm repeaters differed from the non-repeaters in having higher scores for depression, hopelessness and trait anger, and lower scores for self-esteem. Specific reasons that have been cited for self-harm by young people, as highlighted by the National Inquiry (2006) include: · Strained relationships with parents. · Worry about academic performance.

· Childhood abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) · Low self-esteem or rejection. · Problems to fashion essays do with race, culture or religion. 2. Responding To Young People Who Self-Harm. 2.1 Guidelines And Evidence For Good Practice. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2004) has proposed guidelines for essays political and moral the short-term physical and psychological management and essays secondary prevention of self-harm in primary and secondary care. In addition, The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPSYCH) also provides guidance on managing young people up to the age of 16 who deliberately harm themselves.

Such guidelines are readily applicable to the Health service i.e. Accident and Emergency departments and Child and Adolescents Mental Health Services. Integrating these treatment guidelines and the findings of related research, the management of these young self-harm patients will be extensively discussed under the following sub-titles: Assessment Treatment planning Admission to clothing essays hospital Treatment options Medical and surgical management Referral and discharge following self-harm Pharmacological interventions Family support Prevention. A comprehensive child and adolescent mental health service needs to take all the above facets into for kids worksheets consideration when treating this group of extremely vulnerable patients.

The NICE guidelines (2004) emphasize the importance of treating patients who have self-harmed with the same care, respect and privacy as any other patient. In fact, the likely distress associated with self-harm may necessitate additional care and tact when dealing with these patients. Also, health services are urged to provide appropriate training to all staff (clinical and non-clinical) that has any form of contact with the patients to fully equip them with the health essay, necessary skills and essays knowledge to effectively understand and care for people who have self-harmed. Ideally, training should cover areas such as crisis counselling, risk assessment, stress management, mental health triage, cultural awareness, working with families and confidentiality issues (Wynaden et al, 2000). Clearly, the importance of ensuring patients’ safety while in hospital is colossal. Can I My Paper! These patients should be offered an environment that is safe, supportive and minimises any distress. Essays! The NICE guidelines (2004) suggest a separate, quiet room with supervision and regular contact with a named member of staff to treva dissertation ensure safety at all times.

The high rate of self-harm patients who repeatedly self-harm or go ahead to commit suicide in the future makes it imperative to conduct an extensive and detailed assessment of young people who self-harm . Young people who have self-harmed in a potentially serious or violent way should be assessed either by a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a specialist mental worker, a psychologist, a psychotherapist or a psychiatric nurse (Hawton and treva James, 2005). The NICE guidelines propose that all people who have self-harmed should be offered this preliminary assessment at clothing triage, regardless of the , severity of the essays, attack. Political! Apart from the clothing essays, obligatory emergency physical assessment, this will give an lindsey dissertation, insight into the patient’s mental health, the level of distress and clothing essays their willingness to co-operate with the medical team. In addition, the patient’s psychosocial situation and the ability of parents or guardians to ensure their safety should be addressed (RCPSYCH, 2006). As the first point of contact, ambulance staff have a crucial role to writing worksheets play in fashion essays the initial assessment of young people who have self-harmed (NICE, 2004). The Australian Mental Health Triage Scale is a validated comprehensive assessment scale that provides a means of efficiently rating clinical urgency so that patients can be seen in fashion essays a timely manner. This scale has been shown to improve staff confidence and attitudes in dealing with clients with mental health problems, thus improving patients’ outcomes in the long-run (Broadbent et al, 2004). Research has shown the importance of cultural, ethnic and racial awareness and sensitivity in the assessment process.

Some cultures regard suicide attempts as taboo, and it is always good practice to take such factors into consideration. Creative Worksheets! In addition, a language interpreter may be required to communicate effectively with the patient and family. 2.1.2 Treatment Planning. Following the preliminary assessment, it is considered good practice to have an action or treatment plan (Hawton and James, 2005). The treatment plan should take into account all aspects of the patient’s management in hospital, ranging from treatment options to pharmacological and clothing psychological interventions to discharge planning. 2.1.3 Admission To Hospital. At this point, temporary admission should be considered especially for patients who are who are very distressed, for people who may be returning to an unsafe or harmful environment and for writing an annotated bibliography for a book people in fashion essays whom psychosocial assessment proves too difficult for any number of reasons (NICE, 2004). If admission is indicated, a paediatric, medical adolescent, or designated unit should be utilised as appropriate. Despite the NICE guidelines, some schools of though believe that regardless of the toxicological or physical state of the young person, hospital admission is desirable, so that adequate further physical and psychosocial assessments can be carried out, and management/crisis interventions can be planned and initiated (Hawton and James, 2000). The paediatric ward will usually suffice, unless, and especially with patients in the older end of the age range, there is a more suitable unit available.

Waterhouse and Platt (1990) investigated the difference in outcomes between self-harm patients who were admitted to hospital and those were discharged as outpatients. Type My Paper! The findings of the study showed slight significance between the two intervention groups. It is the role of the admitting staff to obtain agreement for the mental health assessment of the clothing fashion essays, patient from parents or relevant guardians, and to alert all members of staff of each young person’s needs. As with all in-patients, hospitalised young patients who have self-harmed should be properly cared for and monitored. In addition, responsibilities of staff of the mental health team will include providing consultation to the young person and his/her family, the paediatric team and creative staff of the social services and education departments. The Crisis Recovery Unit at the Bethlem Hospital in London, a national specialist unit for people of 17 years and health above who repeatedly self-harm, have a different and slightly radical approach to the in-patient treatment of these patients (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). Their philosophy is that the individuals should take responsibility for clothing fashion essays their actions. This practice-supported technique focuses on helping young people realise for themselves that self-harm is not an effective strategy for dealing with their problems.

It encourages these patients to talk about their problems and explore alternative coping strategies, including strategies for dealing with the urge to self-harm. However, the effectiveness of such an treva, intervention in younger patients (11-16) is not certain, as these children might not be mentally mature for such self-realisation tactics. 2.1.4 Treatment Options. Treatment options for adolescents who have harmed themselves could be individual-based, family-based or group-based. Clothing Essays! Individual-based interventions include but are not limited to problem-solving, cognitive behavioural therapy and anger management. Family therapy could be in treva the form of problem-solving or structural or systemic therapy, and group therapy could involve any of these techniques performed in teams or groups. Problem-solving therapy or brief psychological therapy as it is otherwise known, is a brief treatment that is aimed at helping the young patient to acquire basic-problem solving skills to identify and prioritise their problems (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). The process involves implementing discussed possible solutions to a specific problem, and reassessing the situation to review progress -sort of like a self-audit process. The basics of problem-solving therapy as identified by Hawton and James (2006) are highlighted below: · Identifying and deciding what problems to tackle first. · Agreeing goals of therapy with the patient as much as is possible.

· Working out steps to achieve goals. · Deciding how to tackle the fashion essays, first step. · Dealing with psychological factors that obstruct progress. · Working through subsequent steps. This method of problem-solving therapy appears to improve depression, hopelessness and general problems in deliberate self-harm patients significantly more than control therapy (Townsend et al, 2001). For Kids Worksheets! This finding has been variously collaborated in other studies and clothing the results are considered reliable. This therapeutic process usually takes 5 to 6 one-hour sessions, and can be delivered by any experienced mental health professional with suitable training and supervision (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). ! It is direct and easily understood and is thus suitable for the younger patients. It helps the adolescent when he or she is faced with future crisis or trigger factors. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This form of psychotherapy is based on the belief that psychological problems are the product of an individual’s faulty way of viewing the world.

In this case, the therapist aims to modify the patients’ cognitive processes and beliefs using techniques that are similar to those described above (problem-solving therapy), but with behavioural techniques. Although widely used adopted in psychotherapy in culture the treatment of depression, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has limited evidence of use in self-harm patients. Even in writing an annotated for a book depression, its use has been shown to be less effective as monotherapy than fluoxetine monotherapy and in combination with fluoxetine (March et al, 2004). Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is an intensive therapeutic technique that was introduced to help those who repeatedly harm themselves. It could involve as long as a full year of individual therapy, group sessions, social skills training and access to crisis contact (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). Fewer behavioural incidents have been reported with this treatment when compared with an input unit run on clothing psycho dynamically oriented principles (Katz et al, 2004), thus strengthening findings by creative, Rathus and Miller in clothing 2002. In addition, an older study (Linehan et al, 1991) had shown very significant differences in likeliness to repeat self-harm in patients undergoing dialectical behaviour therapy and type the control group.

The NICE guidelines (2004) suggest the fashion essays, use of dialectical behaviour therapy in self-harm patients who have a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, but stress that this should not preclude the use of other strongly validated psychological treatments with vast evidence-based support. As the can i type my paper online, name implies, family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that treats family problems as a source of the adolescent’s underlying therapy. Family interventions can be structured or systemic and can also be home-based. Basic aspects of this treatment option would include improvement of specific skills and emotions to promote sharing of feelings and negotiation between family members. Elements of assessment of families of self-harm victim should include (Hawton and James, 2005): · Family structure and relationships. · Recent family life events, e.g. death, relocation, divorce e.t.c.

· History of psychiatric disorder, including suicide attempts in the family. There is some anecdotal evidence that demonstrate the importance of family therapy in essays political and moral young people who self-harm, especially those have well-documented family issues or strained family relationships. Clothing! However, evidence base to support the my paper online, use of family therapy interventions is scarce and quite weak. In a randomly controlled case study, Harrington et al (1998) compared an clothing, intensive family therapy intervention with standard self-harm aftercare. The results of the study found no significant differences between the two groups of subjects in terms of improved outcomes. Group therapy could include the previously discussed problem solving and cognitive behavioural therapy. The Oxford Medical Dictionary defines group therapy as psychotherapy involving at least two patients and a therapist. Simply put, it is the clothing fashion essays, administration of any psychological therapeutic methods described above in admission essays culture groups.

Normally, people with similar problems meet to discuss and analyse their problems and possible ways of overcoming them. Although this intervention could be time-saving, the clothing fashion, possibility of confrontation and tension between the group members is a potential barrier to its effective implementation. Also, the where can i my paper, negative connotation of suicide and clothing self-harm might prevent patients from effectively participating in such group sessions. In a small-randomised parallel trial in Manchester, England, Wood et al (2001) strove to evaluate the effectiveness of group therapy for can i type repeated deliberate self-harm in adolescents by fashion, comparing combination of routine care and group therapy with routine care alone. Results showed that adolescents who had group therapy were less likely to repeat self-harm than those who only received routine therapy. Overall, the evidence for clinical management and prevention of repeated episodes of deliberate self-harm in young people is limited. A systematic review by treva, Burns and colleagues (2005) found that group therapy was the only specific programme that had significant effects on the rates of repetition of self-harm. Clothing Fashion Essays! Expensive interventions such as intensive aftercare have no clear advantages over standard aftercare. 2.1.5 Medical And Surgical Management.

Clearly a person who has harmed himself/ herself will have some form of injury, whether superficial or systemic. Political And Moral! Responding to adolescents who self-harm will obviously include treatment of consequences of the clothing, self-afflicted injury. The treatment of self-injury would be the same as for any other injury, taking into essay account the level of distress and emotional disturbance experienced by the patient (NICE, 2004). The most common products of self-injury -wounds and poisoning must be treated accordingly. Wounds may require wound assessment and exploration and together with a full discussion of the patient’s preferences should be cleaned and dressed appropriately. In more severe cases, minor surgery might be necessary to properly mend any damages. Treatment for ingested substances would be dependent on the nature of the poison. Samples should be collected as soon as possible for laboratory analysis. The overall aim would be to clothing essays reduce absorption, increase elimination or chemically neutralize the adverse biological effects of the an annotated book, poison.

The guidelines proposed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence emphasizes the consideration of gastro-intestinal decontamination only in self-harm patients who present early, are fully conscious with a protected airway, and are at risk of significant harm as a result of the poisoning. Activated charcoal could be administered 1 to clothing essays 2 hours after ingestion. Emetics and cathartics should not be used in the management of self-poisoning. Recommendations by TOXBASE or the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) should be followed to prevent further complications and harm. Gastric lavage and whole bowel irrigation should only be used when specifically recommended by relevant bodies.

2.1.6 Pharmacological Interventions. Generally, the use of pharmacological agents in treating adolescents who have self-harmed is built on the basis that depression is an underlying problem in these patients. Comparing antidepressant therapy with placebo in patients who had deliberately initiated self-poisoning or self-injury, significant odds ratios were achieved. Furthermore, significantly reduced rates of further self-harm were observed for depot flupenthixol compared to placebo. The current controversy over selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in children and adolescents (Wong et al, 2004), especially those with suicidal ideation must be taken into account when prescribing for this group of patients. Like with all aspects of health care, and health particularly mental health care, the choice of intervention depends on clothing fashion the individual patient’s condition. Montgomery et al (1979) have demonstrated a significantly greater likelihood of repeated self-harm in patients treated with the placebo agent compared with those treated with flupenthixol.

Differences in the outcomes of patients treated with antidepressants and those treated with placebo, though not as large, were still significant (Montgomery et al, 1983). The introduction of pharmacological agents in the management of such patients would ultimately depend on the outcomes of psychosocial and physical assessment, and should be aimed at treating the patient’s underlying problems or particular diagnosis rather than simply treating self-harming behaviour. Whatever, therapeutic decisions are made, clinicians should ensure that the patient (or where not possible, parents or guardians) are made aware of the treatment options available, including the likely advantages and creative writing for kids disadvantages, and involved in making a choice. 2.1.7 Referral and Discharge Following Self-Harm. Referral and discharge of an adolescent after self-harm would depend on the outcomes of the extensive assessment that would have been previously conducted (section 2.1.1).

It is important that the patient remains as involved as possible in decisions that are made regarding his/ her management. Adolescents who have harmed themselves may need a range of other health or social services. Fashion Essays! Referral to these professionals and other relevant agencies bears witness to the importance of adopting a multi agency approach (section 2.3). Proper documentation of all relevant interventions and conversations will ensure a seamless transfer from one health service to another and culminate in improved quality of care and lindsey better outcomes. 2.1.8 Family Support. This is quite different from family therapy as discussed under treatment options (section 2.1.4). Rather than attempt to fashion essays resolve underlying family problems in a bid to address the source of the adolescent’s problems like the latter, family support refers to moves that could be taken to help parents and siblings deal with the traumatic experience of self-harm in the family. Common family reactions following suicide or self-harm by adolescents include denial, guilt, shame, anger, depression, substance misuse and can i my paper online overprotection of other children and siblings.

These issues have to be addressed effectively and in a timely manner to avert further tragic family occurrences. It would be the fashion essays, responsibility of the resident psychologist to admission evaluate family members and provide the appropriate counselling and treatment. A large part of responding to the increasing rates of self-harm among adolescents in the UK is initiating preventive measures. The National Inquiry into clothing fashion self-harm among young people found that school-based work appears to be one of the most promising areas where prevention of self-harm among young people can be effectively tackled. Also it is widely recognised that young people would rather turn to young people than adults in their time of need. In response to this, schools have started implementing peer support schemes. It must be appreciated that prevention strategies should be both primary and secondary, i.e. should target self-harmers as well as the general young population as appropriate. Child and adolescent mental health services must put in place programmes to effectively reach their target population.

Measures should be put into action to where can i my paper promote good mental health and clothing emotional well being (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). In addition, educational awareness programmes should be initiated to provide information to treva the general public towards reducing the stigmatisation associated with self-harm and suicides. The mental health service could pilot a 24-hour help line to address adolescent’s problems. This would provide an avenue to discuss one’s problems and obtain advice and support on how to deal with them. 25% of young people who were asked what could be done to prevent adolescents from harming themselves responded that someone to listen, advise and support in times of need would be beneficial (Fortune et al, 2005). Secondary prevention is even more crucial as a 30-fold increase in risk of suicide has been demonstrated in young people who had previously self-harmed.

Direct intervention is indicated for these patients to prevent repeated self-harm. Various distraction techniques have been reported by these young people as helping to take their minds off the urge to inflict harm on themselves. Where Can I My Paper! These include physical exercise, writing negative feelings on essays paper and ripping it up, using a red felt-pen to mark instead of cut, hitting a punch bag to vent anger and frustration, writing in a diary and talking to a friend (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). Professional prevention of repeated episodes of self-harm would include psychological and psychosocial assessment and interventions as described in earlier sections to dissertation try and essays resolve causal problems and improve emotional well being and general mental health. 2.2 Assessing The Needs And Risks of Young People Who Have Self-Harmed.

Psychosocial assessment in patients who have self-harmed can be classified broadly into assessment of need and creative worksheets assessment of risks. Specialist mental health professionals should carry out both assessments. Research has found typical psychological and psychosocial factors associated with deliberate self-harm (Webb, 2002). However, the fashion essays, breadth and sensitivity of tools and methods utilised in these studies mean that psychosocial factors have been less consistently measured. An Annotated Book! In fact, it has been suggested that positive psychosocial factors might actually play a role in clothing fashion providing protection against self-harming behaviour. Assessment of Needs. Needs assessment should be comprehensive and include evaluation of the social, psychological and motivational factors specific to the individual’s act of self-harm, current suicidal intent and hopelessness (NICE, 2004). Where Type My Paper Online! In addition, a full mental health and social needs assessment must be included. As always, all conversations and interventions must be clearly documented in the patients’ notes to fashion ensure seamless transition from one healthcare professional to another, and to enable follow-up. Assessment of Risks. This should include identification of the main clinical and demographic characteristics that are potential risk factors for repeated self-harm or suicide (NICE, 2004).

A standardised risk assessment scale could be used, but should complement rather than replace extensive individual assessment. Psychosocial assessment is important because it provides an insight into the longer-term needs and clothing fashion risks of the patient and forms a basis for type online therapeutic decisions. 2.3 The Multi Agency Approach To Management of Adolescents Who Self-Harm. The involvement of multiple agencies or services in the care of patients who have self-harmed is crucial to obtaining good outcomes. Where Can I Type Online! This approach is much more than the usual inter-professional approaches to patient care as recommended in hospitals.

Matter-of-fact, inter-professional patient care merely forms a small part of the essays, multi agency approach in mental health care. The Royal College of Psychiatry (2006) emphasizes the importance of a full and longer-term approach to health food essay providing care for fashion essays self-harm patients that will require the co-ordinated activities of local and political and moral health authorities together with an awareness of the important role that non-statutory sector agencies play. The nature of these episodes of self-harm and essays the age group being considered necessitates the involvement of a wide range of professionals in health and non-health sectors in order to address all aspects of the incidence appropriately. Health professionals who will be invariably involved in management of these patient groups are emergency department staff, paramedical and ambulance staff, general practitioners, pharmacists, counsellors, paediatricians, paediatric nurses, psychiatrists, prison health staff, clinical psychologists, mental health nurses, community psychiatric nurses and treva social workers. Other public services professionals may have direct contact or be involved in clothing fashion the care of these patients. These include occupational therapists, art therapists, the police and professionals who work in the criminal justice and education sectors (NICE, 2004). In addition, child protection services may be involved depending on the family background. Thus it is clear that the fashion essays, full range of resources and interventions required by young people who harm themselves span the responsibilities of a range of agencies and clothing essays sectors of care (RCPSYCH, 1998). Paramedical and Ambulance Staff.

As the first health care contacts that an adolescent will have after a self-harm episode, ambulance staff and paramedics have an increasingly important role in early assessment and treatment of self-harm. Clothing Fashion Essays! Urgently needed at this point is an assessment of physical risk to ascertain the extent of the injury and essays provide first-aid treatment at once. In cases of self-poisoning, ambulance staff should ensure to obtain all substances and/or medications found at the scene and hand them over at online the emergency department. They should be well trained and equipped to assess and make quick life-saving interventions. Clothing Fashion! Training should address in particular, the different methods of self-harm and the appropriate treatments. College Admission About Culture! NICE guidelines (2004) recommend that ambulance trusts, the emergency department and mental health trusts should work in partnership to develop locally agreed protocols for ambulance staff to follow in the care and transport of self-harm patients.

Emergency Department Staff. The accident and emergency (AE) staff in essays the hospital are probably the main care-providers for these patients at this acute stage. It is their responsibility to keep the injured patient alive and prevent as much damage as possible. If this is not achieved, all subsequent care providers may have no role to play (in the event of death of patient). They should be properly trained to recognise and counter common self-inflicted injury. These professionals often have direct contact with the ambulance staff and proper communication between these two services is critical. General Practitioners and Paediatricians.

Effective communication between primary and secondary care is necessary in order to allow continuity of care for these patients. Paediatricians are especially involved to provide adequate care for children. Mental Health Services. The role of mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health nurses in providing care to self-harming young people is very evident. It is their duty to assess and clothing fashion essays treat any mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia e.t.c. All the psychosocial and psychological assessments and interventions previously discussed is their responsibility. When problems are identified in living conditions or other social aspects of the young person’s life, social workers are brought in to address these, and where necessary, make alternative arrangements to resolve the problems.

In the infrequent case of illegal activities associated with the incidence of adolescents’ self-harm, members of the college essays, police force or other criminal justice professionals are required to clothing resolve these issues. For example, underlying sexual abuse as a trigger factor for self-harm would necessitate police intervention. Child protection procedures must also be implemented when a young person’s self-harming is indicative of mistreatment. Children and adolescents spend most of their time in school, and essays thus the school staff could have a major role to can i online play in taking care of young people who have self-harmed. Caution should be applied when dealing with children.

In particular, children and clothing fashion essays adolescents with learning disability should be treated with care, and if necessary enrolled in creative writing worksheets a special needs institution. Given that the arrangement of the various units that provide the different services may be complex, integrating these services could seem quite chaotic and disorganised. Fashion! The health authority/board should work with partner local authorities, trusts and primary care groups to ensure that inter-agency boundaries do not create fault lines in health essay service delivery (RCPSYCH, 2006). There should be accurately developed policies to essays ensure that all the provider agencies have service agreements that enable and govern protocols for lindsey assessing and treating young people who harm themselves to be implemented and used effectively. The fundamental idea of a comprehensive child and adolescent mental health service provider is the takes a multi agency approach and is not restricted solely to a psychiatric service (Morley and Wilson, 2001). The four tiers of intervention that should be included in such services are outlined below (National Health Service, 1995): Tier 1: Non-mental health specialists.

These are professionals who by virtue of their work with children, young people and families, are in a position to identify early signs of mental health problems. Clothing Essays! These could be midwives, health visitors, school nurses and counsellors. These practitioners can provide general advice and treatment for less severe problems, and contribute towards mental health promotion. Tier 2: Child and adolescent mental health specialists working in treva lindsey community and primary care settings. E.g. primary mental health workers, psychologists and counsellors in GP practices, paediatric clinics, schools and fashion essays youth services. They can provide more specialist interventions and training to practitioners at tier 1 level. Tier 3: At this stage, the multi-disciplinary and treva lindsey multi agency specialist child and adolescent mental health professionals work as team, as appropriate to provide extensive assessment and treatment to clothing fashion children and worksheets young people with more complex and persistent disorders.

Tier 4: In-patient and highly specialised child and adolescent mental health services, including specialist and essays forensic units usually offering services across several areas. These are essential tertiary level services for children and young people with the most serious problems. They can include secure forensic adolescent units, eating disorders units, specialist neuro-psychiatric teams, and other specialist teams (for children who have been sexually abused, for example), usually serving more than one district or region. 3. General Discussion. The reality of self-harm in adolescents paints a grim and depressing picture. The vulnerable nature of the patient group makes management and treatment interventions even more difficult to implement effectively. With increased access to essays televisions, the Internet and other sources of information and entertainment, young people today are exposed to all sorts of negative influences that could hamper mental health and clothing fashion essays emotional well being. These, combined with numerous other factors are possible factors behind the , rising incidents of self-harm among young people in the United Kingdom.

Despite the magnitude of the problem, there is a baffling dearth of research investigations into this area. Applying the findings of the self-harm studies and adhering to available guidelines, a comprehensive child and adolescent mental health service can be established to effectively target all aspects of underlying factors in self-harm. Ethnicity distribution findings has useful implications for management of suicidal behaviour, and should always be taken into consideration during assessment when predicting risk of repeated self-harming episodes. Clothing Essays! Likewise, other potential risk factors and confounding factors should be accounted for admission about in individual cases. Assessment should always look out for features that are indicators of strong suicidal intent, high lethality, extreme precautions against health essay being discovered and underlying psychiatric illness. Despite little evidence to show advantages over discharge, guidelines recommend a minimal overnight admission to fashion allow for comprehensive assessment and proper implementation of appropriate treatment. Admission must be in where type my paper a suitable ward or unit and essays should ensure support and safety at all times. The treatment options are vast and could range from medical, surgical or pharmacological management to psychosocial and psychological interventions. Larger studies would be beneficial to an annotated for a gain a more accurate insight into the reliability and clothing fashion generalisability of these interventions in writing this group of patients. Clothing Fashion Essays! There appears to be more research and information in the literature for psychological and psychosocial interventions such as problem-solving, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and an annotated group therapy, than for pharmacological management e.g. the use of anti-depressants or anti-psychotics following self-harm in young people.

Ultimately, the choice of treatment depends on clothing the individual patient and treva lindsey dissertation his/ her inherent risk factors. Assessment of needs and risks (psychosocial assessment) must be carried out before discharge to ascertain the patients’ ability to cope and fashion the extent of their suicidal ideation. The outcomes of such assessment would further determine suitable treatment path and the necessary agencies and services to employ. For a comprehensive child and mental health service to efficiently respond to the rising incidents of self-harm among young people, there is need to appreciate the clothing fashion, importance of inter-professional collaboration within the hospital setting. Integration of people and skills will improve the quality of care provided, and enhance the clothing, services understanding of self-harm in young people. In addition to this the importance of external multi-agency involvement is noted, as the full range of interventions required by political, these highly susceptible patient group necessitates the fashion essays, input of a wide range of agencies and health sectors of care. Type My Paper! Thus collaboration with other health and non-health services is crucial and should involve professionals such as the police, school workers, social workers and child protection agencies, as necessary. It is important to note that the mental and physical health of the adolescent is not isolated, and could be an indicator of other family or social problems. A child and adolescent mental health agency can keep its services comprehensive and clothing essays effective by keeping up-to-date with new and proven treatment options that could be applied to its young patients.

Also, suitable training is essential for can i my paper all staff that will have any form of contact with these patients to adequately cater for them. The views of the essays, targeted young people should be considered, when making local health policies. In a qualitative study investigating young people’s perceptions about helpful contacts (Mental Health Foundation, 2006), it was found that young people found voluntary local organisations, friends and health visitors most helpful in their distressful times. Furthermore, investigating what sort of help they would like on offer, most people thought that one on one support and/ or counselling would be helpful. Other popular interventions were group support, facilitated self-help groups and creative initiatives and multimedia/ Internet access. In reality adolescents were more likely to seek help from friends and their general practitioners. As sources of information, these contact points are not trained to provide such specialist help. Young people should be made aware of services provided by child and adolescents mental health agencies to educate them on essays the available benefits of reaching out to them in time of need.

The limited literature available on this topic is a potential setback to effective resolution of the current problem. Where Online! Nevertheless, the clothing fashion essays, interventions and assessment made in patient care should remain evidence-based as much as possible. It must be understood that the , treatment of young people who self-harm should not be just solely psychiatric, and should adopt the recommended multi agency approach in order to effectively target all latent aspects of the clothing essays, problem. Young people’s opinions should not be ignored, and essays political findings on clothing fashion essays interventions they consider helpful must be applied within reason to achieve patient satisfaction and encourage them to seek help from the appropriate sources. Anderson, M., Woodward, L., Armstrong, M. (2004) Self-harm in young people: a perspective for mental health nursing care. International Nursing Review 51, 222-228. Ayton, A., Rasool, H., Cottrell, D. (2003) Deliberate self-harm in children and adolescents: association with social deprivation.

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British Medical Journal 330, 891-894. Hawton, K., Kingsbury, S., Steinhardt, K., James, A., Fagg, J. (1999) Repetition of self-harm by adolescents: the clothing essays, role of psychological factors. Journal of Adolescence 22, 369-378. Hawton, K., Rodham, K., Evans, E., Weatherall, R. (2002) Deliberate self-harm in adolescents: a self report survey in schools in essays about culture England. British Medical Journal 325, 1207-1211.

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Morley, D. and Wilson, P. (2001) Child and adolescents mental health: its importance and how to commission a comprehensive service. Essays Political! Guidance for primary care trusts. [WWW] (December7th 2006) Neeleman, J., Wilson-Jones, C., Wessely, S. (2001) Ethnic density and deliberate self-harm: a small area study in southeast London. Journal of Epidemiology and writing an annotated bibliography book Community Health 55, 85-90. National Health Service, Health Advisory Service (1995) Together we stand, a thematic review of child and adolescent mental health service. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (2004) Self-harm: The short-term physical and psychological management and secondary prevention of self-harm in primary and an annotated book secondary care. [WWW] (December7th 2006) Office of National Statistics (1999) Children and adolescents who try to clothing essays harm, hurt or kill themselves. [WWW] (December7th 2006).

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He had loving and caring parents that . Food Essay. cared for him and his brothers, attended school and was considered intelligent but had little knowledge about politics as a child. His educational and political ambitions conflicted with those of his father. Over time Politics became a major aspect of Speer’s life and this change in values would impact not only on him, but on the entirety of Germany and eventually the. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Hermann Goring 782 Words | 3 Pages. Clothing. which Albert Speer contributed to essay Nazi Germany during World War 2 and prior to it as Hitler’s architect. Speer was . a winner as he became Reich minister of armaments and war production, becoming second in command (inside the third Reich). His success extended further in Nuremburg as he escaped with his life. However personalities are remembered as winners in history and Speer is now remembered as a deceitful Nazi who attempted to put his name down in history as a great historical figure. Speer won. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Heinrich Himmler 1111 Words | 3 Pages.

Description of task: Twentieth Century personality – Albert Speer * Research and present a 15-20 minute powerpoint . presentation on fashion essays, the following topic: ‘History is about winners.’ How accurate is this statement in relation to the personality you have studied? * Include annotations for TWO sources within your Bibliography. Your annotations should assess the source for its usefulness and reliability in terms of your research on bibliography, Speer . Each annotation should be no more than 100 words. . Essays. 20th century , Accuracy and precision , Albert Speer 1192 Words | 4 Pages. Albert speer and his involvement in the nazi regime. ? Albert Speer served the Nazi Regime from 1931-1945. It is within this 14 year period Speer’s significance from the war effort . can be recognized as one of the most crucial and predominant roles within the Nazi leadership. An Annotated Bibliography For A. As Hitler’s chief architect Albert created numerous designs and constructions used for Nazi propaganda as well as the essays Dora concentration camp. Using his power and influence within the German Nazi movement, Speer exploited the use of slave labor, as well as aided astronomically.

Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Karl Donitz 1462 Words | 5 Pages. Describe the clothing fashion essays Personal Background and Historical Context of the creative Life of Albert Speer. the personal background and the historical context of Albert Speer . “The only motive that can keep politics pure is the motive . of doing good for one's country and its people”- Henry Ford Albert Speer was born in 1905 into an upper-middle class family. His family’s wealth provided the admission essays culture opportunity to extend his education at a university level despite the depths of the depression in 1930. After graduating with a degree in clothing architecture, Speer was introduced to the policies of the college essays culture Nazi Party; however. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi Germany 1569 Words | 4 Pages. Albert Speer - Do Events Shape People or Do People Shape Events? The Nuremburg Trial outcome is our vital evidence that Albert Speer was a man who was corrupted by fashion essays, the events at the time.

He is health essay, . the epitome of the saying “events shape people more than people shape events” as he merely rode the wave of Nazism. As German historian Joachim Fest stated, “He [Hitler] drew Speer to him like no one else, he singles him out and made him great” (Fest, The Face of Third Reich, pg 340). In any other situation it is inconceivable that an architect could have come to clothing hold the. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Antisemitism 1178 Words | 4 Pages. Albert Speer is one of the most controversial figures in history.

His complex personality resulting from a traumatic childhood, . combined with a cunning intelligence and tireless work ethic saw Speer rise to become one of the most powerful and prominent figures in the Third Reich. Albert Speer joined the Nazi party on , the 1st of March 1931, becoming member number 474 481 . Clothing Essays. Soon after joining Speer became good friends with Karl Hanke, an essential part of the Nazi propaganda machine. Opportunity. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi Germany 800 Words | 3 Pages. Was Albert Speer A Important Figure In World War 2. ?Was Albert Speer a important figure in World War 2 In my essay I will assess how significant Albert . Speer was to the running of the health food Nazi war machine and the Nazi regime. I will look at clothing fashion how such an intelligent, well-intentioned, principled person like Speer could become such an where type my paper, integral part in the Nazi party, so captivated by Hitler’s charisma and fashion essays, influence that he could ignore all the atrocities, the concentration camps, the slaughter of the fuehrer’s wars and devote all the country’s resources. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi Germany 1756 Words | 3 Pages. Account for the changing views on Albert Speer and his role in the Nazi regime. There are a number of factors that can be held . Health Essay. accountable for clothing essays, the changing views on Albert Speer and his involvement in the Nazi regime.

It was the combination of shifting contexts, values and insights, linked to Speer’s own personal story, which ultimately generated shifting understandings of Speer’s contribution to the Nazi regime. However, it is important to acknowledge that there were in fact, always different. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Final Solution 995 Words | 3 Pages. Albert Speer . The German Nazi leader Albert Speer , born March 19th 1905, died Sept. 2nd 1981, . directed Germany's war production, using slave labor, during World War II. Speer , who joined the National Socialist party in 1931, became Adolf Hitler's architect, designing the Nuremberg stadium and other Nazi monuments. He was made minister of armaments in and moral 1942 and expanded his planning responsibilities over fashion essays, most of Germany's wartime industry in clothing 1943.

In 1946 he was sentenced to 20 years in Spandau prison. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi Germany 771 Words | 2 Pages. were convinced that Speer had told the truth. They label Speer an 'apolitical technocrat', 'more concerned with the job he had to political . do than the power it brought him.'(1) American journalist William Shirer reported on his trial at Nuremburg and came to view him favourably (2), whilst British academic Hugh Trevor-Roper interviewed Speer , and in his book The Last Days of Hitler, describes Speer as the fashion essays 'penitent Nazi'.(3) Resistance to Hitler's 'Scorched Earth' The main reason Speer was treated so leniently. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Heinrich Himmler 1589 Words | 6 Pages. the past H4.1 use historical terms and concepts appropriately H4.2 communicate a knowledge and health food essay, understanding of historical features and clothing essays, issues, using . appropriate and well-structured oral and an annotated bibliography for a, written forms Personality in the Twentieth Century – Albert Speer Weighting of this task: 20% Research There are two parts to this research assessment task: * Question A requires you to conduct research in writing an annotated order to answer a set question, and then write your response in fashion essays timed conditions in class without. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi Germany 2511 Words | 7 Pages. proposed modifying the film to essays and moral placate the generals, but Riefenstahl refused his suggestion. She did agree to return to the 1935 rally and make a film . exclusively about the Wehrmacht, which became Tag der Freiheit.

Albert Speer * Albert Speer joined the Nazi Party in 1931. Clothing. In 1934, Speer was chosen as the Nazi Party's chief architect. One of his first commissions was perhaps his most famous, the Nuremberg parade grounds seen in Leni Riefenstahl's propaganda masterpiece, Triumph of the Will. Speer’s. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Germany 1158 Words | 4 Pages. Albert Speer was born in 1905 in and moral Manheim, Germany. He was born into an affluent, upper-middle class family, being the 2nd of 3 . Essays. boys. As a result of a distant and emotionless father and a detached mother, Speer’s childhood saw him being emotionally neglected. Food Essay. Speer had a big interest in clothing fashion essays mathematics but his father had other plans and he persuaded Speer to pursue a career in architecture like himself and his father before him. So Speer attended the Berlin Institute of technology where he completed. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi architecture 603 Words | 2 Pages. Fashion. ?Despite Albert Speer’s claims, as Minister of Armaments, it is inevitable that Albert Speer was aware of the use . and abuse of forced labour and the appalling conditions of inmates at fashion concentration camps and I find it hard to believe anything contrary.

As Gitta Sereny suggests, Speer knew a lot more than what he led on, he knew what he was inevitably going to find out. Although Speer states in, Inside the Third Reich, “I did not investigate, I did not want to know”, this position of knowledge places. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Heinrich Himmler 634 Words | 2 Pages. Option 21: Albert Speer 1905-1981 Principal focus: Through the study of Albert . Fashion. Speer , students gain an understanding of the role of this personality in a period of national or international history. Students learnt about: 1. Historical context * Rise of the essays political and moral Nazi party and the personal charisma of Adolf Hitler * Development of the clothing essays Nazi state after 1933 * Nazi war effort to 1945 * Nuremberg War Crimes Trial 2. Lindsey. Background * Family background. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Joseph Goebbels 3850 Words | 11 Pages. Albert Speer , hailed from an upper-class, educated background, would become one of the clothing most renowned figures in the Nazi Germany . period. Although Speer started off initially being unaffected by politics, he would soon become entangled in online the controversial Nazi Party which would forever leave its stain upon history. From his adolescence, Speer had longed to excel in architecture. However, the clothing essays war had quelled this ambition and instead, Speer opened up his own business establishment.

None the less. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi architecture 648 Words | 2 Pages. How Is Albert Speer Interpreted by Three Different Historians. Describe the way Albert Speer has been interpreted by three different historians. Albert Speer can . be interpreted in various ways due to the events that occurred in the third Reich.

There will always be differing views placed on Speer and the decisions he made, whether it presents Speer positively or negatively. Sereny, Van Der Vat and Speer himself are all historians who comment on health food, and interpret Speer . Fashion Essays. Van Der Vat throughout his research and findings is very critical towards Speer . Speer is health food, not amoral. Clothing Essays. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Antisemitism 582 Words | 2 Pages. ?Rise to Prominence Albert Speer was an intelligent, affluent and well-educated man, in admission many ways he was an essays, atypical Nazi. . . Albert Speer claimed to clothing fashion be apolitical as a young man; however he himself like many others, were converted to the Nazi Party after attending a rally and hearing Adolf Hitler speak. The following essay will outline Albert Speer’s rise to prominence within the Nazi Party. The second of three sons to Albert Friedrich Speer and Lusie Mathilde Wilhelmine Hommel, Berthold Konrad. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi Germany 3495 Words | 10 Pages. Architects in Power Politics and Ideology in the Work of Ernst May and Albert Speer. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the editors of The Journal of Interdisciplinary History Architects in writing for a book Power: Politics and fashion essays, Ideology in the . Work of Ernst May and where type, Albert Speer Author(s): Barbara Miller Lane Reviewed work(s): Source: The Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Vol. 17, No.

1, The Evidence of Art: Images and Meaning in History (Summer, 1986), pp. Clothing Essays. 283-310 Published by: The MIT Press Stable URL: . Accessed: 05/04/2012 16:50 Your use of. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi architecture 9513 Words | 36 Pages. you have studied. Albert Speer rise to prominence was due to a number of different factors, which allowed him to become a key . figure in the Nazi party…. Early involvement in the party Work for Goebbels- Hanke asked speer to meet with Hitler, which allowed him to refurbishing the ministry building Design for the May Day rally- Speer’s design of the rally became the design characteristic of future designs. The chancellor’s residence- this was a test to see if Speer was capable to become. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Joseph Goebbels 505 Words | 2 Pages. Albert Speer Albert Speer was born in March 19, 1905 and was first known as an writing worksheets, Architect although . later becoming Minister of Armaments and War Production for the Third Reich during World War II. Speer is clothing essays, now commonly known as ‘the Nazi who said sorry’. Speer grew up in the German town of Heidelberg.

Speer started his architectural studies at the University of Karlsruhe in 1923 this university was not the most reputable for architecture so Speer transferred to the more renowned Technical University. Essays. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Joseph Goebbels 541 Words | 2 Pages. . What Is the Significance of the Role Speer Played as Minister of Armaments and Production? What is the significance of the role Speer played as Minister of Armaments and Production? In February 1942, Hitler's Minister for Weaponry . and Munitions and clothing, chief civil engineer, Fritz Todt, had been killed in a plane crash, to which Speer was then appointed to essays political take over all Todt's offices, which gave him responsibility for the German construction and energy industries. When Speer took on this role, he had soon realised that Germany was not prepared to fight a major world war. Nazi leaders did.

Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Artillery 609 Words | 2 Pages. Describe Three Significant Factors from the Personal Background and Historical Context of the fashion Personality You Have Studied and How These Factors Shaped the essay Personality’s Life. The life of Albert Speer was undoubtedly shaped by clothing fashion, his personal background and historical context. Bibliography Book. These include his membership . into the Nazi Party, his appointment as First Architect of the Reich, and eventually, as the Minister for Armaments and clothing fashion essays, Munitions. These events gave Speer the opportunity to expand his architectural endeavours and treva, exhibit his undeniable technical and administrative skills. Speer’s membership into the Nazi Party on 1 March 1931 as member #474,481 was the clothing essays indisputable. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Hermann Goring 562 Words | 2 Pages.

Modern history Personalities in the twentieth century. Health Food. Personalities in the twentieth century Question a) Outline the clothing main features in the background and rise to prominence of Albert . Speer Berthold Konnad Herman Albert Speer , born 2nd of 3 sons on March 19th 1905 into a wealthy family to health father Albert Friedich Speer , and mother, Luise Mathilde Wilhelmin Hommel in March 1905, was a famous architect during the clothing Second World War. Speer was 9 when World War 1 began in 1914. For Kids Worksheets. Wealth made it easier for clothing fashion essays, his family, allowing them to buy whatever food was available. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Nazi Germany 4486 Words | 12 Pages. How do Oliver Hirschbiegel's Downfall and Christian Duguay's Hitler: The Rise of Evil confirm the stereotypes of Hitler being truly an , evil man that most people portray him as? historians may argue that Hitler may have been evil because of his strong duty to his own country but in Oliver Hirschbiegel's Downfall, a two shot scenes . which includes both Hitler and his general Albert Speer , the two shot scene explains Hitler's inability to feel compassion for essays, his own countrymen.

When Albert Speer explains to Hitler how the Germans seems to be suffering from the consequences of the war and that something should be made. Hitler explains that The primary necessities of life of the German. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Germany 718 Words | 2 Pages. Aryan empire, Hitler showed great interests in neo-classism which draws inspiration from ancient Greek and ancient Rome culture. As for the idea of renewal . of Berlin, Nazi leaded by Hitler proposed to build a more “systematic” Berlin by appointing Albert Speer to clothing design a series of Nazi architecture which was inspired by , both neo-classism and art deco. 19 Berlin Tempelhof Airport, as still the largest architecture worldwide which was rebuilt during this period, well reflected Hitler’s need of “signifying. Adolf Hitler , Albert Speer , Bauhaus 2870 Words | 10 Pages. Albert Einstein The Theory Of Special Relativity “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the . universe.” Albert Einstein * Who was Albert Einstein? For almost everybody Einstein was and still is the most important physicist that has ever lived. He made world-changing discoveries and has the most influence on our thinking about bibliography physics today.

Albert Einstein was born on March 14th 1879 in Ulm, a city far in the south of Germany. He went. Albert Einstein , Energy , General relativity 1501 Words | 5 Pages. of Form • Inventors • Basics • Intellectual Property • History Bios • • Share • Print Ads: • . Albert Einstein • Inventors Help • Einstein Quotes • Patent Invention Idea • Example of Biography Albert Einstein - Biography [pic] By Mary Bellis Photo: Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born in clothing essays Germany in 1879. He enjoyed classical music and played the violin. One story Einstein liked to tell about his childhood. Albert Einstein , Energy , General relativity 1246 Words | 7 Pages. ? Albert Einstein Albert Einstein is health food, undoubtedly one of the greatest minds of our time. His contributions to . physics and mathematics are extensive. He was one of science’s first celebrities. Albert Einstein was born on fashion essays, March 14, 1879 at political Ulm, in clothing Wurttemberg, Germany (Nobel). Writing For Kids. His parents, Hermann and Pauline Einstein, were Jewish middle-class Germans, and his uncle was an engineer (Formative). Six weeks after his birth, his family moved to Munich (Nobel).

Einstein began. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Mathematics 1596 Words | 3 Pages. Leon Jones Jr Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born in March 14,1879 he was born in Ulm, Germany He graduated . from clothing, Swiss Federal Institute its spell wrong I fixed it for bibliography for a book, you. I fixed everything highlighted of Technology in Zurich and clothing fashion, he moved to where my paper online Berlin in 1914 to become a professor and when he got to Berlin he published a theory a paper. He also published a Radiation Theory paper and he was awarded for Nobel prize in Physics. After awhile in Berlin he moved to Princeton. Albert Einstein , Einstein family , Erwin Schrodinger 803 Words | 5 Pages. Albert Bandura He was born in a small town of Mundare in northern Alberta, Canada on December 4, 1925. He went to elementary and essays, high school . in a school with minimal resources. . He received his bachelor degree from the University of British Columbia in Psychology in essays 1949. In 1952 he received his Ph.D from the University of Iowa.

In Iowa, he met Virginia Varns, she was an instructor in the nursing school. The got marry and later she had two girls. After he graduated, he took a postdoctoral. Treva. Albert Bandura , Behavior , Educational psychology 737 Words | 3 Pages. Alfaro Ms. McGowan RWW 24 January 2013 Albert Einstein Albert Einstein is possibly the most critically acclaimed . Fashion Essays. philosophers of the modern era.

His discoveries are hailed among the greatest of all time, many being necessary to human advancement. Einstein has been a prime inspiration to many famous scientists and his work has lasted the an annotated bibliography test of time. His impact on society has been nearly unmatched, having famous and insightful quotes. Writing For Kids. Therefore, Albert Einstein is clothing fashion essays, historically significant, because. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Inertia 799 Words | 3 Pages. The Life of Albert Einstein Psy300 BF01BSP3 February 22, 2013 . THE LIFE OF ALBERT EINSTEIN As we all know Albert Einstein was no ordinary man. He was a man of determination, strength, struggle and health food essay, a curiosity of the unknown. This is a man who dared dream to influence society, challenge the strong and overcome the weak minded. But there was a time when Albert was just a kid, and like all kids he had. Albert Einstein , Mathematics , Mother 1031 Words | 3 Pages. Essays. Born in Ulm Wurttemberg Germany in 1879, Albert Einstein developed the special and general theories of relativity.

At the age of 19 s In 1921, . he won the health food essay noble prize for physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. He even helped create the fashion atomic bomb! , because of these accomplishments Einstein is generally considered the most influential scientist of all time. ? Albert Einstein grew up in a middle class Jewish family. Albert Einstein’s mother was a Jewish woman by essays political and moral, the name of Pauline. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Nuclear fission 932 Words | 3 Pages. Tyler Stewart Physics Assignment: Final Paper July 1, 2013 Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 . in Wurttemberg, Germany. He grew up into clothing fashion essays a secular, middle class Jewish family.

He later attended elementary at the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich. Health. There he excelled in his classes and was able to clothing fashion separate himself from his fellow peers. He enjoyed classical music and was even able to play the violin and piano. Albert was later tutored by a Polish medical student named Max Talmud. Albert Einstein , General relativity , James Clerk Maxwell 974 Words | 3 Pages. Inside Einstein’s life Albert Einstein was one of the most influential men of the twentieth century, through his amazing scientific . discoveries in physics and in nuclear energy, and his impact during the Second World War. This man is best well known for his formula E=mc? which “shows the relationship between energy and mass” (Pakhare). Einstein was also credited and clothing fashion essays, recognized for the creation of the atomic bomb, and not only that but his theory of relativity. One amazing statement said about.

Albert Einstein , Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and essays, Nagasaki , Manhattan Project 1044 Words | 3 Pages. Honors English 9 Period 4 December 8 2014 The Brain Behind the 20th Century To be influential is culture, “To have the capacity or power of persons or things to essays be a . Creative Writing For Kids Worksheets. compelling force on or produce effects on essays, the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.” Albert Einstein ought to be included in the Time’s 100 Most Influential People because of the college admission about outstanding formulas of space that he articulated, the inspiration that he produced when he overcame a problematic childhood, and the revolutionizing mathematical. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Nuclear weapon 1465 Words | 6 Pages. Albert DeSalvo's Confession: True or False? The Boston Strangler caused chaos to the city of Boston from June 14th, 1962 until January . 4th, 1964 by claiming the lives of thirteen women in grotesque, sexual, murders (History Channel). The feeling of relief and closure for the families of these thirteen victims has not been relinquished due to the lack of evidence to justly convict Albert DeSalvo as the Boston Strangler. However, the verbal confessions, past convictions, psychological diagnosis. Albert DeSalvo , Boston Strangler , Bridgewater State Hospital 1452 Words | 4 Pages. Essays. ? The Case of Albert Fish Argosy University Jessica M. Radi Introduction Everyone is aware there are different . Clothing Fashion Essays. types of murders out there.

All of them take people’s lives but how they do it in each category is different. In the case of serial killers they kill three or more individuals spaced out over fashion essays, a period of time. They tend to food essay go through phases which include the killing phase, capture phase, aura phase, totem phase, and the depression phase. The phases do. Albert Fish , Hamilton Fish , KILL 2715 Words | 7 Pages. ? Albert Camus and the Philosophy of the Absurd How does Camus define the clothing essays absurd condition? What three options does man have when confronted . with the lindsey dissertation absurd? In Camus's perspective, why are the first two not defensible options? According to Camus's philosophy, how--or in what--does one find happiness? Camus draw[s] from the absurd three consequences; what are these three consequences?

How does he define each of these three? Explain Camus and writing for kids, the philosophy of the absurd's perspective on any. Absurdism , Albert Camus , Existentialism 1403 Words | 4 Pages. the famous ones is the fashion essays social learning theory from Albert Bandura (Ormord, 2012). However, there are many issues involved in this theory and college essays about, . also many supportive evidences as well as controversies.

Social learning is also known as observational learning, it is a theory that explains how people are influenced by observing other’s behaviors, especially the aggression of children (Bernstein, Penner, Clarke-Stewart, Roy, 2008). According to Albert Bandura’s social learning theory, children tend to. Aggression , Albert Bandura , Behavior 1355 Words | 4 Pages. Albert Bandura: The Social Cognitive Theory Jerry D. Nicholson Liberty University Student ID: 21273100 PSYC 341 October 7, 2007 . Abstract Albert Bandura is clothing fashion essays, one of the pioneers in the study of human development. His biographical background lays a good foundation for the basis of his work as a psychologist. His social cognitive theory will be examined in detail to highlight the effect that environment has on behavior. There are four basic features to the theory introduced by Bandura that. Albert Bandura , Behavior , Educational psychology 2064 Words | 6 Pages.

Albert Einstein Einstein was not comfortable with statistical reality, a shortcoming which cost him much happiness, and may have deprived the . Fashion Essays. world of many discoveries. His youthful breakthrough is college, well known. Essays. It consisted not only in giving the equation linking mass and energy (the famous e = mc?), but in showing the statistical nature of quantum mechanics. Few meteors have more memorably decorated the mathematical sky. Clothing. He began working in the Swiss Patent Office in worksheets 1902. In 1905, his annus. Clothing Fashion Essays. Albert Einstein , Einstein family , General relativity 1648 Words | 5 Pages. Albert Einstein Dustion Crumley Miss Tollison English 11 March 19,2013 Outline Topic: Albert Einstein . Thesis: Albert Einstein was a brilliant and complex individual whose wisdom and interest were not confined to the scientific world . Introduction Early Life A. Young Albert's Anger B. Teenage Albert C. Transition to Adulthood Mid-life and Theory of Relativity A. Writing An Annotated. Starting Adult Life B. Miracle Year C. Theory of Relativity D. Fame/Personal issues Later. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Photoelectric effect 1688 Words | 5 Pages. left unknown. Nobody really discovered many new things until March 14th, when a genius, Albert Einstein, entered the world in clothing fashion essays Ulm, Wurttemberg, . Creative Writing. Germany. He developed the fashion essays general yet important theories of relativity and made his well known equation of E = MC2.

Einstein was born into a Jewish family within the working middle class. Albert's mother was Pauline Einstein who did housework and stayed with Albert and his sister. His father, Hermann Einstein was an admission about, engineer and entrepreneur. With his. Albert Einstein , Einstein family , Hans Albert Einstein 1985 Words | 6 Pages. Albert Eistein Albert Einstein was a German American scientist. He is best known for his theories on relativity and theories of . matter and heat. Einstein is considered one of the greatest physicists of all time because he is thought to have changed the way one looks at the universe. Einstein was born in Ulm, southern Germany, to Jewish parents.

A year after he was born he moved to Munich, Germany. Einstein showed no signs of being a genius at an early age. He did not like to receive instructions. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Germany 941 Words | 3 Pages. just a part of life changing history. Albert Einstein was born on , March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. From a young age, Albert . was already an excelling learner. Albert was born into a middle-class German, Jewish family. Within a year of his life a change has already been made as the family moved to Munich in 1880. In 1881, Einstein’s sister, Maria, was born.

His parents were worried for Einstein’s future because he barely ever spoke till age three. When Albert turned twelve, he was fascinated by his. Albert Einstein , General relativity , Max Born 937 Words | 3 Pages. Clothing Essays. Albert Heijn 1602 (Barneveld) History Context Albert Heijn is a big supermarket chain which emerged from a small grocery store . Health Food Essay. that once stood in essays Oostzaan. The 21-years old Albert Heijn took over the store from his father in 1887. The young Albert Heijn quickly began to expand the store towards other places. Albert also started to sell his self-made cookies and self-burned coffee ( Albert Heijn, 2013). Now Albert Heijn is one of the largest supermarket chain in political the Netherlands. Quality and customers.

Albert Heijn , Change , Grocery store 842 Words | 3 Pages.

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Custom Pharmacists in Hospital Discharge essay paper writing service. Medication inconsistencies are regular at the hospital discharge and could end in some confrontational incidences, clinical readmissions, and urgent unit appointment. Clinical analysts have been pushed to characterize medicine inconsistencies at hospital discharge and clothing essays study the effects of the pharmacist’s interference and involvement in the healthcare usage after the certain discharge. The clinical admission and the following discharge to the patients’ respective residences frequently engages the cutoff of nursing care and medication, numerous alterations in medicine schedules, and insufficient patient training 7 (p. 43) . These aspects of clinical discharge could guide towards the confrontational medication incidences and evadable healthcare usage. The main objective of this paper is to clothing essays, scientifically analyze recognize the particular functions and differences in the roles of pharmacists and doctors who are responsible for discharging patients to their respective homes. Through some discharge prescriptions, the following research will compare the TTO’s (to take out’s) of pharmacists and doctors.

This way, the audits written by both medical professionals will reveal whether pharmacists make fewer inconsistencies than doctors and nurses when it comes to recording the TTO’s 7 (p. 43) . Pharmacists are able to play the leading role in the community close to federal leaders because they are involved in the decline of the patient care threats. Essays. This reduction guides towards the maximization of the safe role that medicine management structures play when aligning pharmacy services with the countrywide initiatives. These policies quantify and compensate the book valuable performance of medical professionals 4 (p. 31) . While trying to use TTO’s to figure out whether pharmacists are responsible for causing more inconsistencies when discharging patients than doctors in hospitals do the establishment of a seeable and maintainable secure medicine management structure and system in the fitness setting is mandatory. The enhanced endurance of pharmacy care includes the increment in communication links between the inpatient and outpatient environment that can enhance the suitability of the clothing fashion essays medical treatment. As a result, the college admission culture number of critical and hostile medication events will decrease and as well the clinical admissions and unprepared office appointments for vulnerable patients with fatal illnesses.

Due to this impact, the following research paper will analyze the inconsistences under the argument that pharmacists make fewer discrepancies than doctors and nurses do while putting down the food essay TTO’s (discharge prescriptions) 4 (p. 31) . Basing this research on the facts provided by clothing the literature examination, it has beens discovered that certain actions taken by prosperous pharmacist leaders have upgraded the patients’ safety 13 (p.565) . This was realized through carrying out an arbitrary test of 178 patients released from the large training hospital to their respective homes from the overall medication service. Patients in the intercession group received the pharmacist advising at discharge and the continuation phone call three to college essays about culture, five days afterwards. Intercessions aimed at verifying the medicine schedules, evaluating indications, directions and clothing essays likely side effects of medicine. Clothing. Screening for limitations to devotion and untimely side effects and supplying patients’ advising and writing for kids worksheets the response from physicians when most suitable.

The main outcome of employing this method of the arbitrary test was the rate of the fashion essays preventable ADEs 13 (p.565) . Another method that had been employed in the research was the utilization of a forthcoming optional month of the quasi-experiential design to contrast the results of patients receiving the fashion essays intercession. This experiment used the variables n=358, with the controls n=366 8 (p.955) . All patients discharged from hospital to their homes were discovered to be vulnerable to medicine that they had been prescribed; the numerous medicine changes in the course of hospitalization, or the writing bibliography for a book issues organizing courses, the transmission for commitment worries, the patients’ advising and fashion essays academic training, and the post-discharge telephone continuation. The main results were the 14-days’ and the one month readmission rates and critical unit appointments within three days of discharge. Medicine inconsistencies taking place at discharge were also typified. Pharmacists, nurses and doctors informed the pharmacy scholar on the moment a patient would be released from the pharmacist. Based on the quasi-experimental study, the pharmacy scholar would instantly survey the patients’ clinical documentation to realize whichever drug or medicine associated illnesses and disorders. Any issues or pharmaceutical intercession required were instantly forwarded to a pharmacist’s attention 13 (p.565) . This similar method asserted that if there were no illness issues brought up by essays the patient after the discharge, the discharge advising procedure would proceed further 8 (p.955) . Afterwards, the method considered the home medicine discharge to where can i type, get from the patients’ medical documentation. The patient data fliers were collected from several medical institutions. Once the fashion patient used as a subject in the test provided permission for advising, a pharmacist and the pharmacy scholar would commence the advising session.

A discussion was carried out between the essays and moral pharmacy scholar and the monitoring pharmacist before the session to fashion essays, guarantee that the accurate data would be offered for the study 8 (p.955) . In the course of this therapy session, the essays political and moral pharmacist would be prominent outside the patients’ room and pave the way for the pharmacy student to enter the room on his or her own, and advise the patient. The pharmacist would have to clothing, be close to the student and the patient to observe and hear what the about culture advice session is all about 8 (p.955) . Ultimately, the session would end with the pharmacist entering the room and correcting or confirming any data. Nevertheless, some occasions would not require the pharmacist to walk into the room because the student performs averagely, as it was anticipated. The patient obtained the data that were either verbal, or put down every medicine prescription, as well as the novel medication the patient was to commence on following the clothing fashion discharge from hospital. A fundamental advice session covered the main issues. The main issues addressed included the name of the patient, the description of medication, and the approach of administering the medicine, the dosage procedure and time of medicine therapy, administration and usage by the patient, some regular fatal side effects of interrelations, salutary contraindications that might be faced, as well as their evasion 13 (p.565) . Following every explanation of every medication expected to be taken by college admission culture the patient after being discharged, the patient was stimulated to recap the details to claim the verbal comprehension of the details provided (this is called as Jadad scoring method) 8 (p.955) . Clothing. Another method tagged along with the advice session is a short-lived question-answer period at the finishing point of the advice session. This method has the patient provided with some published directions on my paper his or her medicine from the certain large hospitals, and the patient was allowed to get discharged from the hospital.

After the advice session, there is a clinical recording and the pharmacy automated system, which were mutually cosigned by a pharmacologist. A brief telephone quality guarantee survey was finished after the patient has discharged. The review assessed the patient’s comprehension of the advice details provided, contentment, opinion concerning the value and profits of the advice session 13 (p.565) . Seven studies were recognized assessing the outpatient or post-discharged dispensing chemist's services for the patients with heart failure 14 (p. 392) . In this study, medication was delivered before discharging the patients with either following the phone call or the domestic appointment continuation. The study involved the role of pharmacist at the professional heart failure outpatient medical institution. The focus on a residential-grounded intercession produced some optimistic results like reductions in unintentional hospital readmissions, death rates and essays political greater compliance and medication information. The illustration of these outcomes did not reveal any variation in the number of hospital admissions’ amid intercession and governing groups.

The worth of facts provided from the results of the arbitrary test governed studies was evaluated with the use of Jadad scoring method. All tests researched when trying out these methods and studies accomplished a score exceeding 2, out clothing of an extreme 5, indicating some impending biasness 14 (p. 392) . In the treva lindsey course of the study period, 3,873 patients were evaluated for clothing fashion essays, entitlement. Out of this summed up figure, 749 patients were randomized and registered for the study. Out of the registered patients, 376 of them were involved in the normal care group, and 373 of them were involved in the intercession group. Eleven of these subjects had to be removed because of the patients’ requests to be cleared from the infirmary, leaving 738 patients for the study. The projected two-third of (62%) the proportion of the patients in food essay the study communicated with the pharmacist and of these, 65% had a medicine issue and more than a half had the prescription issue that required the corrective action from the doctors. Time that was needed for the test was around an fashion essays, hour and a half for college about, each subject for fashion essays, the DA and 25 minutes for every subject for the medical pharmacist.

Subjects in the intercession group were discovered to have a lesser rate of hospital usage than those receiving the normal care. Intercession subjects were more inclined to be informed concerning their diagnosis and had the stronger communication links with their main care providers 12 (p. 343) . Medicine inconsistencies at discharge points were realized in 33.5% of intercession patients and 59.6% of monitored patients, with P0.01. Even though all inconsistencies were solved in the intercession group before releasing from the institution; the admission about readmission rates did not vary decisively between the clothing fashion essays groups at two weeks periods. The urgent appointments that doctors had with patients after being released from the hospital did not carry any inconsistencies as well. On the other hand, pharmacists were observed to have the subsequent medication-associated issues in the intercession group: unsolved inconsistencies between the patients’ preadmission medicine schedules and the acquittal medicine briefings in 49% of patients, some unresolved inconsistencies between the cleared medicine catalogues and post-discharge schedules in 29% of patients, and the treatment non-adherence in 23%. Contrasting the test results for a month following the discharge, the essays preventable ADEs were detected in 11% of patients in the administration group, and 1% of patients in the intercession group, with P=0.01 12 (p. 343) . No variations were discovered between the groups in a sum of the essays ADEs or the total healthcare utilization. There is an increasing figure of excellence and the patient security principles, together with the measures that concentrate particularly on the medicine utilization and medicine 5 (p. 1373) . Healthcare institutions are obliged to be conscious of the essay notable assets that pharmacists offer, and of the complicated nature of medicine management. Essays And Moral. There are several initiatives that were realized successfully in determining the inconsistencies caused by prescriptions from doctors at healthcare institutions, and assisting in the accomplishment of the set objectives and missions of the clothing fashion medication.

From the study, the political outcomes indicated that some drug-linked illnesses have the associations with unsolved inconsistencies between the patients’ healthcare details and medicine schedules. The variations and essays comparisons made during the tests have produced the positive outcomes that support the thesis initially founded by the research study. Doctors have been discovered to bear more inconsistencies when discharging patients from the hospital than pharmacists 14 (p. 398) . Most of the patients cleared from hospitals do not know the side effects or interrelations of the medicine they were consuming or administering 1 (p. Treva Lindsey. 231) . Essays. Following the medication, all patients articulated the writing an annotated contentment instantly following their advice session and clothing essays actually valued the information concerning their prescriptions. Essays Political And Moral. A single patient who has been admitted to the hospital for the second time due to clothing essays, the inconsistencies and underprivileged comprehension of medications have caused the insufficient discharge and advised for admission about culture, the patient by clothing the doctor. The advice session offered by the pharmacy scholar verified the patients’ wrong intrusion of treatment. In this particular case, the advice given to the patients created a big difference and enhanced the patients’ comprehension of the treatment. The numerous advice sessions took their place for 30 to 40 minutes depending on the number of discharge medications. On a single occasion, the session took place for an hour. Patients were inquired in essays and moral the course of the advice sessions, and the concentration was established to evade the clothing essays dialogue that would deviate from concentrating on medication and its administration.

The review findings depicted that a huge majority of patients concurred or intensely concurred with the advice being beneficial for them. The advice seemed to offer some clear instructions on administration and side effects, and the advanced general comprehension of treatments 1 (p. 231) . The same governed test discovered that an array of services given during their release, in addition to a supplement of the post-discharge medicine prescriptions, decreased the rate of following hospital re-admissions and urgent unit appointments. The examination was conducted in Pennsylvania and fashion it discovered that pharmacy scholars are not able to advice their patients on medicine devoid of the observation from some authorized pharmacists 7 (p. 43) . In numerous hospitals, other healthcare experts are provided with the work giving the discharge advice to patients due to the present pharmacists’ deficiency.

Pharmacy scholars in their last year of training are exposed to deeper coaching than other health care experts on medicine. Clothing Fashion Essays. This study has served as an indicator that might assist pharmacy scholars, as an essays, unexploited resource, and that are able to essays, offer the efficient patient discharge advice in the hospital surrounding. Future studies require the evaluation of the efficiency of pharmacists and the students’ relationship discharge advice amongst a bigger patient populace and the effect of executing a particular procedure. Treva. Frequently, this protocol engages the pharmacist-offered discharge advice as a part of the discharge procedure. This study has made us becoming well aware of the fashion fact that a particular percentage of patients discharged from the small American hospitals will be post-discharged 7 (p. 43) . The outcomes of these intercessions involved the subjects being mature, and the overall patients registered clinical patients admitted to essays political and moral, one huge hospital in the United States 12 (p.

343) . The criteria that were keenly observed included eligibility amongst the patients. The patients had to be English-speaking, to have the clothing essays access to telephone, and projected the discharge to the community. They were randomized following their admission to the intervention or standard healthcare. The inside part of the hospital had the admission about study involved into the delivery of results by clothing essays the nurse discharge advocates, particularly trained to conduct the college admission essays about culture intercession 1 (p. Clothing Fashion. 231) . The intercession was aimed at coordinating the release plan with the infirmary care providers, train and health arranged for the subjects discharge from the institution. The procedure comprised of the preparation of an entire summary that had been conveyed to the main healthcare provider on the day of releasing the fashion subjects. The subjects were then communicated with using the treva lindsey telephone two to four days following their release by a clinical pharmacist, to back up the discharge plot and to cope with some medicine associated illnesses.

The main result of the research was the rate of hospital usage, as the sum figured of some urgent unit appointments per subject within the month period of the guide discharge 7 (p. 43) . During the course of the study period, 3,873 patients were evaluated for type my paper online, their entitlement. Out of this summed figure, 749 patients were randomized and registered for the study 5 (p. Can I My Paper. 1375) . Out of the registered patients, 376 of them were included in the normal care group, and 373 of them were included in the intercession group. Eleven of these subjects had to be removed because of the patients’ requests being discharged from the clothing fashion essays hospital, leaving 738 patients for the study.

An estimated two-third (62%) proportion of the patients in writing worksheets the study communicated with the pharmacists and of these, 65% had a medicine issue and more than half had a prescription issue that required the fashion essays corrective action from doctors. Time that was needed for the test was around an hour and a half for each subject for the DA and essays political and moral 25 minutes for every subject for the medical pharmacist. Subjects in the intercession group were discovered to have a lesser rate of the clothing fashion essays hospital usage than those receiving the normal care. Intercession subjects were more inclined to be informed concerning their diagnosis, and they had the stronger communication links with their main care providers 10 (p. Essays And Moral. 314) . From the preceding outcomes of this study, it can be settled that the intercession reduced the hospital utilization within a month period of discharge amongst the overall clinical patients from their hospital population by clothing fashion essays almost 30% 1 (p.

231) . The incidence of heart failure is growing for advanced nations. Among the elderly, the heart failure is a widespread illness and a cause for the hospital admission and readmission. In conjunction with the post-discharge case, the heart illnesses can impose a significant expense problem to the patient. The unsuitable medicine management and medication of associated illnesses have been realized as a huge backer to the hospital readmissions. So as to develop the care and medical results, and to decrease the costs of therapy, the management programs of the fashion essays heart failure illnesses have been initiated. It is commended that these programs implemented a multi-disciplinary strategy and the pharmacists with their knowledge of medicine management. This management could play an important role in the post-discharge healthcare of aged patients. The DMPs conducted by pharmacists have played a part in providing the optimistic results for those patients who have emphasized the worth of lengthening the conventional functions of pharmacists from the provision of the expertise guidance to the delivery of continuity of care through an advanced, all-inclusive and dissertation straightforward strategy 1 (p.

236) . To endorse some more efficient healthcare changes, the Joint Commission currently calls for the credited amenities to correctly and fully resolve the prescriptions across the clothing essays continuum of healthcare. The Society of Hospital made the certain commendations officially public for the release of elderly patients 4 (p. 31) . The joint society of hospital medicine, alongside with the society of general medicine continuity of care task forces also recently have made a methodical evaluation officially to public. The review had the commendations for enhancing the handoff of the patient information at discharge, relevantly to a wide range of patients who look forward to providing good healthcare in fashion essays the course of their release from the medical institution and the following period of change. Grounded on the most favorable facts, evidence and concrete results of this study, the discrepancies that arise as a result of prescriptions have been found for the prescriptions from doctors who do not make their efforts of improving their communication with their patients. The expedition of the healthcare change for mature inpatients being discharged requires the constant communication between a primary care provider and a patient. Pharmacists have found to maintain this trend more than doctors from the medical institutions. The whilst out intercession advanced the quality of the patients' discharge by recognizing and merging medication prescriptions inconsistencies at discharge, there was no precise outcome on post-discharge healthcare resource usage 4 (p. 31) . The pharmacist prescriptions assessment, the patient advice, and the telephone continuation were linked to worksheets, the decreased rate of the avoidable ADEs within a month period following their release from the clinical institution. The prescription discrepancies prior to and following the clothing discharge of patients from pharmacists and hospitals were the widespread targets of intercession. From the case study, there are some steps that pharmacist leaders can pursue in order to establish the seeable and maintainable secure prescription management system and coordination.

Doctors need to essays, recognize and alleviate some prescription management threats and perils to fashion essays, decrease the avoidable injury on patients. The clinical admission and the following discharge to the patients’ respective residences frequently engaged the cutoff of nursing care and medication, numerous alterations in medicine schedules, and the insufficient patient training. These aspects of the clinical discharge could guide towards the confrontational medication incidences and the evadable healthcare usage. The main objective of this paper is to writing, scientifically analyze the particular functions and differences in the roles of pharmacists and doctors being responsible for discharging patients to their respective homes . Buy Pharmacists in Hospital Discharge essay paper online. Do you want to get an.

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If you can demonstrate you can make an impact in your interview, your name will rise to creative writing, the top of the pack. Copyright Curriculum-Vitae.In 2013 - Contact : webmaster All the clothing fashion essays Curriculum Vitae templates are at your disposal without any guaranty. The use of these Curriculum samples is at your sole risk.